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Customer Insight: Surviving the Frenzied World of HR Compliance


   With compliance, you need more than just a technology vendor – you need a trusted advisor.

In the business world, there are few areas that require more agility than maintaining compliance. Within HR, ever-changing regulations require organizations to nimbly adjust processes and procedures – often without much guidance.

Achieving effective compliance can’t be a solo endeavor. Rather, it must be a combined effort of both internal and external teams. Externally, one of the most important influencers of your compliance excellence is your HR software provider. When it comes to compliance, you need more than just a technology vendor – you need a trusted advisor.

The value of a compliance partner

While regulations change quickly, ensuring compliance doesn’t usually happen as fast. In fact, some compliance provisions require the development of new backend HR processes. In these circumstances, a strong partnership with your technology vendor is more important than ever.

To get an insider’s look into an effective vendor relationship, we sat down with Amy Neill and Jennifer Soccio from Creative Solutions in Healthcare, Inc (Creative Solutions) who shared their compliance story with us.

Ceridian: What has been your top compliance priority in 2016?

CS: Our energy has been focused on complying with the Payroll-Based Journal staffing reporting requirement of the Affordable Care Act. This health care regulation requires us to report caregiving employees’ staffing information, including their tenure and daily hours worked, to the government each quarter.

Ceridian: What challenges did this new reporting requirement present for your company?

CS: The reporting requirements are very specific and intricate, and our payroll platform wasn’t equipped to give us the level of detail we needed. The majority of solutions in the marketplace weren’t set up to meet the new requirements, which left us at a loss of what to do.

Ceridian: How did you solve this compliance dilemma?

CS: Thanks to the close partnership we have with Ceridian, we were able to collaborate to find a solution. We partnered with the development team, who dedicated countless hours to creating a reporting solution. The end result was a payroll reporting solution fully integrated into our payroll product that not only benefited us but every other company impacted by the regulation.

5 signs of a true HR technology partner

Creative Solutions’ partnership with Ceridian reinforced the value of working with an HCM company committed to adapting to customers’ needs. Based on their experience, we’ve identified five characteristics of a best-in-class technology partner:


Your relationship with a vendor is dependent upon their ability to offer forward-thinking, innovative products. What are your company’s current HR challenges? How will an HR application help you overcome these obstacles? A technology partner should offer your organization cloud-based solutions that are a good fit for your logistical requirements and strategic initiatives.


Seek a vendor that has a strong reputation and a proven track record of success. Partner with a company that knows the ins and outs of human resources and payroll and freely shares this expertise. Vendors that readily take an advisory role will help ensure that your organization’s HR processes are not only effective but also efficient. 


New HR and payroll rules and regulations are constantly released, along with new strategies for best practices. This means HCM solution providers need to constantly adapt and stay on top of their game. Be sure that your technology provider is committed to continually improving their products and services.

Customer focus

Fostering customer success should be an HR technology company’s top priority. Seek out a vendor that regularly solicits and acts on customer feedback. The best technology partners value customer relationships and have focus on service as much – if not more – than their software.


How does your vendor respond when customers suggest product improvements? Do they act on your suggestions or send you into an endless feedback loop? A true technology partner openly and honestly interacts with customers in order to address product challenges and uncover customer best practices.