2023 Pulse of Talent special report

Empowering middle managers for stronger organizations

Are your middle managers getting the support they need?

When the middle breaks, the entire structure crumbles. And that's exactly what can happen when organizations don't support their middle managers. 

Organizational resilience can’t be achieved without attending to the needs of middle managers. And many employers are falling short when it comes to providing support. That’s why we asked 2,560 middle managers about their career experiences as part of our 2023 Pulse of Talent survey. 

The findings? Middle managers are at a breaking point. Less than half (47%) see themselves managing people in three years. And it’s up to employers to turn things around so they can retain the managers they have, attract new ones, and see the benefits of empowered and satisfied middle managers.  

Download our Pulse of Talent special report to learn how your organization can tap into the power of middle managers. You’ll learn: 

  • Why just 29% of middle managers said they feel very or extremely valued by their organizations.
  • What employers can do to help middle managers feel empowered in their jobs.
  • Why training, technology, and mental health resources are essential for retaining your middle managers.
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