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Save time and effort with your global people platform,
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Dayforce is designed to reduce complexity for technology teams

Save time and effort with a truly scalable platform that complements your existing technology stack.

Dayforce is designed to reduce your technical burden and risk profile with a secure, centralized system that will grow at the speed of your business.

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Dayforce scales with your business

Keep pace with the complexities of a changing world with your global people platform.

Unified employee records

Even if an employee changes legal entities, their employee record stays the same in Dayforce. This eliminates the need for complex integrations across HR, payroll, time, and benefits.

Extensible framework

Our framework supports business growth with low and no-code localization. Whether your goal is expanding to new regions or staying ahead of competitors, our extensible framework supports you.

Unlimited and elastic

Dayforce has elastic capacity to scale with the provisioning of virtual resources on demand. Now, you can support employee access from anywhere, at any time.

Built for enterprise

Dayforce is uniquely positioned to service large, multi-location organizations with complex processes.

Global, multi-tenant

Dayforce is cloud-native with multi-tenant hosting and can support global clients. All users, everywhere, can be on the same version at the same time.

Agile core

Meet your business’s evolving needs without any custom programming. Dayforce offers an agile and flexible core that helps facilitate growth for your organization.

Easy lift and shift

Our global hosting model is based on industry-standard technology, ensuring easy lift and shift. This reduces costs and improves performance.

Common code base

A modern deployment model means a common code base, plus shared physical and virtual infrastructure across all customers.

Continuous availability

Our cloud platform allows continuous availability with built-in redundancy. Robust monitoring and workload analysis deliver predictable performance.

Full auditability

Changes are reflected across Dayforce making them easy to track. Enjoy less set-up effort, faster go-lives, and quicker market entries.

Open and versatile integrations

We give organizations and their employees the freedom to choose how and when they can access their data to suit their individual needs.

Dayforce Link, OData, and more

Dayforce Link, an SFTP-based import and export framework, provides over 650 benefits-carrier-verified feeds. Dayforce also supports data APIs using Open Data Protocol that permits access to all discoverable Dayforce data.

Dynamic APIs and event services

Dayforce delivers the future of interoperability using event services and dynamic public APIs. Our partners extend the Dayforce functionality with verified and certified connectors, which reduces time to market.

Integration platform

Services teams can build, test, and deploy custom integrations with Dayforce. Our in-product Integration Studio helps create and deploy integrations with nearly zero code and enhanced mapping and transformation capabilities.

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Get always-on access

Today’s world of work is always on, and your platform should be too. Dayforce makes it easier for your organization to access information, so you can make decisions without delays.

Any device, any language

Access Dayforce on any device with our single dataset and native web and mobile applications. Plus, it’s available in over 20 different languages.

Learn and operate easily

Our accessibility focus, coupled with enhanced functionalities like intelligent search, natural language processing, and chatbots, make Dayforce easy to learn and use.

Pervasive analytics

Make proactive decisions with measurable impact. Get insights into key areas like DEI, flight risk, scheduling, benefits, and more.

Intelligence in automation

Automate tasks using machine learning and intelligence. Dayforce includes automation and orchestration tools to enable a smooth process for change management and deployment.

Security, privacy, and governance

Ceridian has an enterprise-grade security model that maintains security at the data, application, network, and operational level.

Committed to privacy

We embed privacy-by-design into our product lifecycle and are committed to handling our clients’ data responsibly.

Advanced security rating

Our layered approach to security and technology across all data centers puts us on par with world-class vendors.

Enterprise-grade governance

We comply with commonly accepted frameworks, including SSAE18 Type II SOC1, SOC2, and ISO standards for security, privacy, vendor management, and more.

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