What is Dayforce Wallet?

Dayforce Wallet is a modern way to pay employees. An extension of Dayforce Payroll, it provides employees access to their earned wages on-demand, with an intuitive mobile app and accompanying prepaid card. Dayforce Wallet can be used for on-demand pay requests, regular payroll using the Dayforce Wallet Mastercard®, as well as other off-cycle payments.

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Attract and retain
new talent

  • Attract talent by offering on-demand pay as an enticing benefit
  • Reduce 90-day attrition by as much as 25% among hourly employees1
  • Reduce time-to-fill open positions by 13%1

1 Dayforce Wallet usage metrics Q2 2022

Empower employees with financial wellness

Recent study found 93% of employees report experiencing some degree of financial stress.2 High-interest credit cards and payday loan vendors only make it more difficult to get ahead. On-demand, early access to net pay with Dayforce Wallet can help.


2SSRS Research Study on Dayforce Wallet users conducted on behalf of Ceridian, December 2022

Easily implement and maintain existing processes

Dayforce Wallet can be implemented in a matter of hours, not weeks. Enabling Dayforce Wallet does not add steps to the pay cycle or funding process, and is included for free with Dayforce Payroll.

Make any day payday

Dayforce Wallet is included with Payroll, meaning no additional cost to employers and no monthly fees for employees.3

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What’s included in Dayforce Wallet

Continuous calculation

We’ve made payroll simpler by combining payroll and WFM in a single system. Pay is calculated in real time, allowing employers to enable access of up to 100% net pay.

On-demand pay

On-demand pay is a feature of the Dayforce Wallet solution. On-demand pay enables employees to request a payout of their earnings any time4 during the pay cycle.

Prepaid card

Dayforce Wallet Card can be used for purchases, bills, and ATM withdrawals. Plus, employees can get paid up to two-days early with automatic direct deposit.5

Mobile app

The Dayforce Wallet mobile app6 provides employees access to their net pay, allowing them to action requests, manage transactions, and transfer funds to associated bank accounts.

Dayforce Wallet Card

Employees can start using the Dayforce Wallet Card from day one. Access the card details from the Dayforce Wallet app.7

Cash back rewards

Dayforce Wallet Rewards mean that employees’ net pay goes further. Employees earn easy cash back on qualifying purchases at participating merchants.8

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Danone North America

Danone North America delivers the future of employee experience with pay on demand

Customer story


The global footwear company uses Dayforce to bring the future of the employee experience to life in a changing world of work.

Frequently asked questions

Dayforce Wallet will not add steps to the payroll process or funding schedule. Every on-demand request is treated as a regular payroll and taxes are remitted automatically on the employer’s behalf. On-demand payments generate their own earning statements and are recorded on the standard earning statement generated for the pay period. Dayforce’s continuous calculation engine ensures that all taxes, garnishments, and deductions are accounted for in full and reflected in the employee’s Available Pay figure. Employers can enable access of up to 100% net pay knowing that the figure is accurate.

Dayforce Wallet is easily configurable to allow for tolerance levels regarding the frequency and amount of pay that can be requested at any given time. In fact, Dayforce Wallet offers an effective alternative to other costly, riskier methods of accessing pay early, such as payday loans and high-interest credit products. Instead, Dayforce Wallet provides employees access to their own net pay for free and without the 2-3 business day turnaround. With a configurable rules engine governing how and when employees request their pay, your people benefit from greater control over their finances while adhering to internal payroll best practices.

Dayforce Wallet can be implemented quickly with minimal disruption to your current operations. The process is straightforward and simple, and can be configured in a matter of hours. Implementation typically requires 2-5 hours on average, and employees follow an intuitive guided process to set up and activate their accounts independently. 

Dayforce Wallet is simply an extension and benefactor of the always-on, continuous calculation engine used to process regular payroll in Dayforce. Dayforce Wallet continuously calculates and sets aside taxes, deductions, and garnishments in accordance with applicable legal requirements and configurations. Employees must first earn enough to cover these required amounts before net pay will be made available.

Dayforce Wallet named
a 2021 Digital Wallet
Innovation Leader

Learn how you can deploy Dayforce Wallet at your organization

See the Ceridian Privacy Policy for more details.

3. Please see Cardholder Agreement for complete list of fees.

4. Some blackout dates and limitations may apply based on your employer's pay cycle and configurations. GO2bank does not administer and is not responsible for on-demand pay.

5. Early direct deposit availability depends on payor type, timing, payment instructions, and bank fraud prevention measures. As such, early direct deposit availability may vary from pay period to pay period. The name and Social Security number on file with your employer or benefits provider must match your GO2bank account to prevent fraud restrictions on the account.

6. Message and data rates may apply.

7. Card account details are not available in the mobile app for employees based in New York.

8. Dayforce Wallet Rewards is optional, and users may opt-out at any time in the Dayforce Wallet app or by calling 1-800-342-9167. Offers are based on shopping habits. Cash back is earned by using the Dayforce Wallet Card for qualifying purchases and is credited to the card. Rewards credit may take up to 90 days. GO2bank is not affiliated with and does not endorse or sponsor the rewards program. For complete details, including the use of transaction data, see the Dayforce Wallet Mobile App Terms of Use and Privacy Statement and the Rewards Terms and Conditions.

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