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70% of employees live paycheck-to-paycheck

We built Dayforce On-Demand Pay to help make work life better for over 70% of employees who live paycheck-to-paycheck and consequently suffer from financial stress and instability1.

For over half of the population, financial stress has become a way of life. The average employee saves less than one hundred dollars per month2 . Many are forced to rely on costly overdraft fees and crippling payday loans to bridge from pay check to pay check. The related stress and anxiety, for many employees, leads to a reduction in engagement and lapses in performance while at work3.

1 CareerBuilder (2017), Living Paycheck to Paycheck is a Way of Life for Majority of U.S. Workers, According to New CareerBuilder Survey
2 CNBC (2017), Most Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck
3 Deloitte (2017), At a tipping point? Workplace mental health

On-Demand Pay puts employees in control of when they get paid

With Dayforce On-Demand Pay, companies can now offer a pay solution that puts employees in control of when they are paid. Employees can access a payout based on their earnings during the active pay cycle, which means they do not have to wait until fixed pay days to use what they have earned. This can make the difference in whether or not employees are able to manage unexpected expenses and give them peace of mind at work and at home.

Dayforce On-Demand Pay is the first pay solution of its kind to be offered within a complete HCM solution. Employees can request a payout based on their earnings at any time during the pay period by using the Dayforce Mobile Application. Payroll administrators can rely on Dayforce to automatically and continuously make on-demand calculations and adjustments throughout the pay period.

Promote employee wellness while increasing productivity

Dayforce On-Demand Pay provides employees with an alternative to payday loans and expensive refinancing options. Companies are empowered to offer a payment solution that promotes employee wellness while helping to attract top talent, and increase engagement and productivity at work.

  • Attract employees that value and want to work for companies that offer financial flexibility and wellness
  • Empower employees with flexible payment options to help ease their financial worries and keep them satisfied in both their professional and personal lives.
  • Reduce financial stress and anxiety so employees can focus on doing great work, not when they will be paid next
  • Employees are more likely to have higher morale and show up for work if they are not suffering from the pressures of financial burden.
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