On Demand Pay

Give your employees access to their earnings when they need it

On Demand Pay helps organizations promote financial wellness by transforming how and when employees are paid.

Dayforce On-Demand Pay provides organizations with more choice over how and when to pay their employees, helping to reduce the administrative effort by providing automated approvals for requests. It is the first pay solution of its kind to be offered within a complete HCM solution. Eligible employees can access their earned wages during the active pay cycle, which means they do not have to wait until fixed paydays to use what they have earned. This helps employees manage unexpected expenses, offering them financial flexibility, so they can bring their most productive selves to work.

Promote increased productivity

Help reduce financial stress and anxiety with on demand pay, so employees focus on doing great work, not when they will be paid next.

Improve your people strategy

Attract and retain employees by providing the financial flexibility and wellness they need to perform their best

Help reduce absenteeism

Alleviate employee financial burdens and help reduce the number of work absences by offering financial flexibility

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