Dayforce Wallet

A complete solution for all your payment needs

Dayforce Wallet is a modern way to pay employees, from standard payroll to giving them access to their earned wages on demand

Paying your people doesn’t have to be complicated. Dayforce Wallet offers the flexibility and convenience of processing and disbursing your different payment needs, including off-cycle pay and on-demand pay requests. Since all employee payments are processed as a regular payroll, the appropriate deductions, remittances, and garnishments are accounted for, which means there’s minimal impact to payroll administrators and cash flow.

Save time and money

Eliminate processing costs associated with issuing paper checks for payroll, termination pay, off-cycle payments, and more.


Manage employee payments with a single solution that processes your data in real-time, saving time and reducing risk of errors.

Submit with greater confidence

All payments take into account the appropriate deductions, remittances, and garnishments minimizing re-work for administrators.

Process off-cycle payments

Wallet provides the flexibility to process all types of payments, including those that fall outside the standard pay cycle. Whether it's termination pay or employee initiated on-demand payroll requests, we've got you covered.

See how Buehler’s Fresh Foods leverages off-cycle payments to support its catering business.

Screenshot showing how Dayforce Wallet can make on-demand and off-cycle payments easier

Pay card

With pay cards, remove the hassle of distributing paper checks, and reduce processing costs while you're at it. Pay cards also provide peace of mind that pay is directly and securely deposited onto employees' personal cards, so they can conveniently access their funds.

Mobile app

The Dayforce Wallet mobile app* makes it easy for your employees to check their pay deposits, account balance and transaction history. This provides the convenience of a traditional bank account, but without the balance minimums and monthly service fees.

Learn how the Dayforce Wallet mobile app helped an employee at Crescent Bank transfer funds quickly during an emergency.

Screenshot of total available pay on Dayforce Wallet mobile app


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