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Work on payroll at any time throughout the pay period

Your payroll team is empowered to access and audit data continuously throughout the pay cycle instead of waiting until the pay period closes. This provides them with more time for reviews and audits, which helps to ensure a more complete and accurate payroll submission.

Continuous calculation

Net pay is automatically updated whenever a time, benefits, or HR record is changed through continuous calculation, keeping your data up-to-date and accurate.

Unified pay and time

Dayforce combines payroll and time so you can access and work on payroll at anytime during the pay period. This allows you to work on payroll at your pace and time.

Compliance managed

Our experts monitor changing trends and policies to help you address complex payroll and tax rules. These are coded directly into Dayforce, helping to manage compliance.

Payroll processing has changed

We've made payroll simpler by combining payroll and time in a single system. We built our solution to bridge the gap between pay and time, removing the pressure and burden of the traditional payroll process. Enabling payroll administrators to access to their data throughout the pay period gives them more time for reviews and audits, ensuring less rework and greater accuracy.

Traditional Payroll

No access to data
during the pay period

Payroll administrators typically can’t access their data because it’s stuck in the time and attendance system until the pay period ends, and must be exported into payroll before any work can be done.

Small window to
process payroll

Payroll administrators often get their time data late in the pay cycle, which does not give them a lot of time to perform quality checks and audits.

Unfinished work and
errors carried over

Payroll administrators often have to commit payroll knowing they may have errors in their data, resulting in more rework for the next pay cycle.

Dayforce Payroll

Work on payroll throughout the pay period

Dayforce combines payroll and time in a single application so you can work on payroll throughout the week, not just after the pay period closes.

Proper audits and reviews

Payroll administrators have more time to properly review and audit their data, allowing for a more complete and accurate payroll submission.

Fewer errors and less rework

Payroll administrators can feel more confident when they commit payroll knowing their submission is more accurate and less rework will be required.

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