People Experience

Support your people during big moments

Bring the employee experience to life

Engaging content

Create tailored content for different audiences. Foster company culture through personalized people experiences.

Valuable guidance

Our intelligent system suggests timely content and actions, proactively answers employee questions, and helps guide them through career transitions.

Flexible and intuitive

Create experiences based on learning generated by the system itself, allowing you to cater to the changing world of work.

“We’ve always been an employee-focused organization. We believe in our people. We chose Dayforce because we wanted something that would connect us with our employees. And we knew Dayforce would deliver that.”

Kisan Jo
President, Prince Resorts Hawaii

Experience Hub

Be there for your employees' big moments - whether they're onboarding, wanting to advance their skills, or faced with the unexpected. Personalized content helps lead to greater engagement and trust.

Design for both web and mobile

Building experiences is flexible and easy with our Hub Designer. Customizable, mobile-friendly templates ensure you can adapt to the changing needs of your employees and share information they can access from anywhere. 

Tailor experiences to each employee

Keep employees informed and engaged with a home screen that displays tailored company information and makes it easy to complete tasks and access other areas of Dayforce.

Apply your own branding

Brand your HR home page in an immersive and impactful way using our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop design system. 

Additional products and features

HR knowledge management

Make it easy for employees to find answers to their policy and compliance questions on their own, at any time.

Illustration of chat messages

Engagement surveys

Collect critical data from your people to identify areas that can help improve the employee experience.

People analytics

Empower your leaders with real-time insights so they can make informed decisions around people, costs, and compliance.

Intelligent search

Intelligent search uses natural language processing to help Dayforce users locate the information they’re looking for faster.

Task automation

Administrators can automate tasks and workflows, so employees are alerted when it’s time to fill out important HR forms.


Engage with employees everywhere using our top-ranked mobile app. With Dayforce Assistant, users can even ask questions using voice technology.

Frequently asked questions

People experience is a term used by organizations to describe the experience of people – executives, the HR team, managers, individual contributors, contractors, and board members – with how the company operates and treats its people. Whenever anyone in an organization interacts with company information, completes assigned tasks, or fills out engagement surveys, it should happen in a simple, easy-to-use platform. In the world of B2B software, products are intentionally designed for user friendliness and efficiency for employees of all levels. If high-quality workplace engagement is core to your employer brand, you can use people experience tools to present tailor-made opportunities for company engagement.

Within Dayforce, People Experience is a combination of features that increase the ability of HR to communicate and deliver important HR-related information to the right people at the right time.

Most of the features in Dayforce that support the people experience are free as a part of the overall product set. A few features, like HR Knowledge Management, are sold using a subscription model based on the number of employees in your organization.

The features that encompass People Experience are purchased as part of a larger Dayforce package. A sales representative can work with you to discuss the needs of your company, help determine the right product and feature mix, talk through implementation, and create a contract.


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