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As teams grow increasingly global, it’s more important than ever to create a seamless experience for everyone. But it’s a challenge when each country, region, and locality has different payroll requirements. Having a true single solution for multi-country payroll helps organizations minimize risk, streamline operations, and strike the perfect blend of consistency and flexibility.

Reduce risk with a single system

Leveraging a single system can help automate manual processes and repetitive tasks, saving your payroll team time, reducing the risk of error, and improving productivity. It can also help you stay on top of changing legal requirements in multiple regions. The benefit? Teams can reclaim time in their day to focus on higher-value work without sacrificing consistency or compliance.

Improve efficiency and control costs

It can be challenging to maintain multiple vendors and customize your regional needs for payroll in different countries. Having a single system for global payroll can help you build efficiency and lower costs, while delivering a more consistent experience to employees across the organization. One contract, one interface, and one source of employee data for your whole team.

Gain visibility across regions

A global payroll strategy with a complete view of workforce data helps organizations make intelligent decisions about their payroll operations and their people. With a unified platform acting as the single source of truth, payroll reporting becomes easier and more seamless. Track and compare key metrics, like payroll accuracy and costs, both globally and by region.

Localize your experience

Paying people around the globe means providing an experience that satisfies compliance, culture, and currency requirements in each market. Ceridian's global payroll solution provides localization, including language, currency, and applicable tax requirements.

“Our top priorities are making sure people get paid accurately and that we are compliant in all of our locations globally. And Dayforce helps us to do both.”

Jen Horton, VP of HR, Aquent

Aquent takes care of its remote global workforce

Over 5,000 employees working remotely in eight different countries. Learn how the global creative staffing agency uses Dayforce to streamline global payroll processing.

Frequently asked questions

A cloud-based global payroll solution can help you:

  • Expand your global footprint
  • Pay your people on time, and correctly, in accordance with local and regional tax requirements
  • Integrate newly acquired or merging businesses
  • Spin off or transition to new business systems or processes
  • Maintain compliance with legislative and corporate requirements
  • Respond quickly to corporate development activity
  • Reduce multiple vendor relationships
  • Gain control over global human resources and payroll information

Whether you operate in two or 100 countries, you may face a number of challenges related to global payroll processing. The right vendor or partner should provide the in-country expertise and central coordination required to meet your needs.

Ceridian will help you handle payroll in the countries in which you operate, minimizing, and perhaps eliminating, the need to manage individual suppliers. Additionally, your Customer Success Manager will assist you centrally in our multilingual service center.

Using a single secure system for transferring your payroll data, Ceridian’s trusted results and transformative technology enable you to reduce risk while giving you full visibility into your payroll processes. You will also gain greater control and decision-making capability with comprehensive reports detailing consolidated employee costs, as well as breakdowns by country.

The right partner should have the technology and expertise needed to handle complex and ever-changing business needs. Your vendor should provide you with a single point of contact – a dedicated and knowledgeable customer representative – to provide guidance and best practices based on the specific needs of your global business.

Choosing the wrong partner can create a lack of visibility, which could lead to fines due to non-compliance, inaccurate tax filing, and payroll delays and errors. It can also result in a fragmented payroll strategy. A partner should be able to provide you with complete visibility into your global payroll data and reporting.

It’s important to ask potential payroll vendors that offer a “single system” to explain how it works for global payroll. While many vendors will advertise a single system, that system often consists of multiple vendors, each with its own approach and rules of operation. A true single solution should offer one payroll experience through a single interface across the organization, driving efficiency and consistency for your workforce.

With Dayforce, organizations can successfully navigate international differences and manage, view, and analyze payroll across their employee base, around the world.

With Dayforce's global payroll solution, organizations gain:

  • The ability to apply best practices for in-country pay
  • A single global payroll data repository, reporting engine, and workflow system
  • A global system of record: This includes country-specific new hire onboarding forms, automated time and attendance scheduling and absence management/time off workflows, and global reporting capabilities in the form of consolidated reporting and business intelligence
  • Standardized feeds between Dayforce HCM and Ceridian’s in-country partners for automated payroll processing
  • An interactive view of each country’s calculated gross-to-net pay data
  • Configurable payroll audits to allow managers to quickly identify anomalies
  • Access to a rich set of Dayforce features including analytics, workflows, self-service, mobile, and document management capabilities
  • Complete view of employee data – including pay – on the  Dayforce platform
  • Ability to configure and link global pay data to corporate general ledgers
  • Award-winning service for more accurate, timely execution of payroll across the globe

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