Time clocks

Never miss a beat

Choose the time clock type that works for you, so your company can track time more effectively

Track time your way

Choose from a variety of time clock solutions that meet industry standards and perform in different operating environments.

Save time and effort

When employees use timeclocks, their interactions are captured in real time, meaning fewer errors and corrections.

Use smarter technology

Clocks can be updated to support changes in your company, and adapt to your business as it grows.

Dayforce Touch

Give your employees a more modern and visual experience with this tablet-based device – an alternative to traditional punch clocks. Dayforce Touch offer flexible options for capturing employee time and attendance data.

Dayforce Mobile

Employees can record time on the go from their mobile devices with the Dayforce mobile app. They can punch in and out, transfer shifts, and view punch history. It's a great solution for virtual employees who need to track their productivity across different locations or cities.

Dayforce Web clock

The Dayforce Web clock is a standalone cloud-based clock designed to work from any web-enabled device. With similar functionality as traditional physical clocks, employees can punch in and out, start and end meals, and perform a variety of common time-tracking functions.