Talent Intelligence

End-to-end talent solutions powered by AI

Talent Intelligence provides data-driven insights

Meet Dayforce Talent Intelligence: the talent platform that empowers your people at every stage of their career journey. Backed by the Dayforce Skills Engine — our standards-based, AI-powered skills technology – Talent Intelligence helps you deliver tailored talent experiences, make data-driven decisions, and unlock the full potential of your people.

Attract and hire

Streamline your talent acquisition and onboarding processes.


Find candidates with the right skills using advanced native features such as AI-powered screening and matching.


Provide a smooth transition from candidate to new-hire by sending Recruiting data automatically to Onboarding, helping you deliver personalized onboarding experiences to your employees.

Develop an agile workforce

Career Explorer

Put career planning in your employees’ hands with personalized recommendations based on skills and aspirations.


Give your people the skills they need to succeed in current and future roles with unlimited access to learning.

Succession Planning

Prepare for people changes and stay ahead of skills gaps while developing talent from within.

Engage and retain your people

Foster employee engagement and enhance retention efforts.


Reward and retain your people based on benchmarking data and decision tools.


Maintain your aligned, engaged, and motivated workforce with continuous, forward-looking conversations around your employees’ development.


Address turnover and DEI challenges at your organization with honest employee feedback. Gather insights about inclusivity and other key engagement and retention factors.

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Frequently asked questions

Talent Intelligence is all about using insights from data and intelligence to help manage your organization’s employee experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Our Dayforce Talent Intelligence platform is an end-to-end suite of AI-powered solutions to help organizations like yours transform their talent acquisition and talent management strategies and processes. Our Dayforce Talent Intelligence suite includes product modules ranging from Recruiting and Onboarding to Compensation Management and Succession Planning – and more. As part of Dayforce, a single system for all HCM, Talent Intelligence brings together information from across the platform and intelligently delivers it to help you make smarter and faster decisions.

Applicant tracking is essential to your recruiting success. Artificial intelligence assists your recruitment efforts by processing data in the background of our applicant tracking system. Our Dayforce Recruiting module harnesses the power of AI-powered candidate screening to help with the recruiting process by identifying applicants that match the job description. Learn more about how we use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing by reaching out to a Ceridian expert today.

Employee retention is best done with real-time data and analytics at your fingertips. Our Talent Intelligence suite integrates talent acquisition, employee development, and talent management for thoughtful and consistent analysis. Beginning with Recruiting, our AI helps drive more accurate hiring decisions, which often lead to a better fit for each role. But even with the right people in the right places, you still need to promote employee retention and engagement. Our Dayforce Talent Intelligence product helps you engage your people with tools that help unlock their potential and give them autonomy over their development. Encourage learning, development, upskilling, and reskilling at your organization and ensure your people feel they belong with surveys and DEI assessments.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are vital to employee retention and organizational health, and Talent Intelligence can give you the information you need to help effect thoughtful change with analytics that provide real-time visibility into DEI initiatives. With our Dayforce Inclusivity Survey, organizations can capture employee sentiment with results from a pre-built questionnaire. Our Engagement module helps you gather objective organizational data, revealing DEI gaps and opportunities for growth. Using a data-driven approach, you can take effective action on DEI.

Talent management software should provide tailored, connected, on-demand user experiences. Effective Talent Intelligence can help you deliver great employee engagement before hiring, during the employee journey, and after offboarding. You should consider using talent management software that not only unifies data from across the entire employee lifecycle to enable better decision-making, but also meets employees where they are with mobile, self-service, personalized learning and career development tools. Ask our Ceridian experts how you can learn more about our Talent Intelligence modules and how they can benefit your employees.

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