The UK Payroll Technology Report

How payroll professionals are using tech, today and in the future


Brexit, the gig economy, the gender pay gap, and evolving data protection obligations – UK payroll practitioners have a great deal on their minds these days. And these issues are coupled with a steep climb when it comes to keeping up with best practices and payroll technology trends.

This report will give you helpful benchmarks against which to compare your organisation. It shares key findings from a survey of payroll experts within organisations across the United Kingdom. Specifically, this report tackles current perceptions, challenges, and practices around the use of payroll technology.

Below are a few highlights from the report.

Compliance is the biggest concern

We asked about the hurdles facing UK payroll professionals today and the answer was clear. For more than a third of respondents (32%), compliance tops the list.

Exploring new tech

For many payroll experts surveyed, new technology is on the radar. This underscores a widespread understanding among UK payroll professionals of how payroll technology could make their work more efficient, compliant, and less prone to errors.


From in-house to out

Perhaps the most interesting trend emerging from our report spotlights shifting attitudes around in-house payroll technology. For many fundamental functions of the payroll process, 60% of respondents who indicated they were using in-house solutions stated they are likely to review this technology within the next year.




For more insights like these, as well as key takeaways, download the full report now.

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