Coronavirus - Promoting staff wellbeing and mental health

From the Caring for the Carers Series

The social care workforce has faced significant mental, physical and welfare challenges over the past six months.

A range of staff-support responses evolved including self-care advice, peer support, team-focused interventions and psychological first-aid. There has however been wide variation in the level of support. Where support has been inadequate, there’s a much greater risk of workforce burnout, lower productivity and increased levels of mental illness. Evidence suggests a high proportion of care professionals feel their mental health has declined since the start of the pandemic.

Many don’t believe the Government or their employer has done enough to protect both their mental and physical health. Social care is already facing significant recruitment and retention issues, without having to factor in more sick leave and staff considering alternative careers. The onus is employers and the Government to provide joined up, accessible support so that when staff are suffering stress, anxiety, bereavement or trauma, they know where to turn.

This session will consider what constitutes effective mental health and wellbeing support; how it should be provided, and by whom.

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