2020 Pulse of Talent: Engaging the UK alternative workforce

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Our latest report explores how freelancers, contractors, and gig workers feel about their work, and how companies can create a better experience for alternative workers.


The alternative workforce – also known as the “gig economy” – is a hot topic right now. On one hand, the alternative workforce’s inherent flexibility makes it perfectly suited to help organizations stay competitive as they contend with rapid technological advancement, evolving market conditions, and rising customer expectations. On the other, alternative work can be precarious and exploitative, with workers underpaid and treated as disposable.

While alternative workers may have some differences from full-time employees, they’re people – and that means they’re most productive and valuable to organizations when they’re engaged and respected. We surveyed 536 UK freelancers, gig workers, and contractors to better understand the reality behind the alternative workforce, and how companies can engage and leverage this talent pool in a way that benefits everyone.


Get the report to learn the answers to these key questions about the alternative workforce:

  • Do alternative workers feel exploited, or are they happy with their work?
  • What factors drive satisfaction or dissatisfaction for alternative workers?
  • How does alternative work affect people’s mental health?
  • Do alternative workers support unionization, or are they against it?
  • What can companies do to leverage the alternative workforce to drive growth, while creating a better experience for all types of workers?
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