Talent Management Solutions

Go beyond managing your people to empowering them

Skills focused, intelligent talent tools built for today’s world of work

With the right data, you can make better talent decisions and create modern experiences your people will love. Give employees continuous access to learning, performance reviews, engagement surveys, and career planning - all in the same place they access their pay and benefits.

Enable growth through learning software

Pervasive learning

Create a culture of continuous learning by providing real-time learning opportunities at each stage of the employee lifecycle.

Compliance tracking

Link courses and learning plans to certifications to easily track mandatory requirements and manage compliance.

Career planning

Empower your people with the tools they need to own their career and skill development with Dayforce Career Explorer, the AI-assisted career planning solution.

Tune into your employee experience

With employee surveys, you can gain a deeper understanding of your people's experiences at work. Measure engagement, DEI efforts, and more, so you can take meaningful action.

Listen continuously

Engage and retain your people by giving them a voice with continuous opportunities for feedback.

Measure DEI progress

Learn how included, supported, and valued your people feel with an Inclusivity Survey.

Gain insights

Turn insights into meaningful action with the help of real-time data and interactive dashboards.

2022 Pulse of Talent: Competing for talent takes more than pay

Learn what 6,800+ workers think about their workplace and employers.

Link performance and compensation

Empower and engage

Achieve goal alignment by letting employees set personal goals connected to the bigger business picture.

Measure and motivate

Evaluate employee performance and motivate them to succeed to help grow your business and retain top talent.

Reward and retain

Make fair and equitable employee reward decisions grounded in data, helping improve employee engagement and retention.

Get ahead with succession planning

Get ahead with succession planning

  • Create coverage plans for key roles to reduce organizational risk and keep your business running smoothly.
  • Help reduce regrettable turnover by planning for your employee's futures and providing what they need to succeed.
  • Visually compare employee performance and track readiness for promotion with a talent matrix and employee talent profiles.

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Frequently asked questions

Dayforce offers an integrated set of talent management modules that supports planning, developing, rewarding, engaging, and retaining talent through our Performance Management, Engagement, Compensation Management, Learning, Sucession Planning, and Career Intelligence products.

Yes. Talent Intelligence refers to the full suite of Dayforce products that includes end-to-end talent acquisition and talent management solutions.

Our talent management products offer a variety of analytics to help managers make better decisions such as flight risk analytics, insights to promote informed decisions affecting pay equity, and engagement data based on your org structure, location, and employee data already in Dayforce.

We help you go live quickly through our proven implementation process based on best practices and experience with thousands of past deployments. Once live, you’ll be continuously supported by customer success, education, services, support, Community resources, and experts to help you be successful.

While we offer an integrated set of talent management modules as part of our end-to-end HCM system, you can purchase any of our talent management modules individually or as a full suite based on your organisation's goals and needs.

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