Welcome to Release 59

This release offers organisations new technologies to help prioritise employee wellness

Benefits intelligence

Transform transactional data into rich insights that help you maximise your benefits investment. Dayforce uses analytics and predictive modeling to help you forecast enrollment, measure plan utilisation, and manage costs.

Vacation bidding

The process of managing vacation bids is challenging for complex organisations. Automate and make it more efficient by setting parameters, like bid duration and employee ranking. This saves managers time, while also increasing transparency and fairness for employees.

More highlights from Release 59

Geographic pay zones

Create an equitable and competitive compensation program, and boost your talent strategy while you're at it. Use geographic pay zones and manage pay differentials to better pay your people based on the market realities of their location.

Period review

Review and approve time more efficiently with an enhanced timesheet experience. Automate common tasks to speed up reviews, take immediate action on potential problem areas across multiple locations at once, and maintain gross payroll data accuracy, without slowing down your team.

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