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Stress-free payroll with updates and audits any time

Continuous calculations

A single, flexible rules engine allows for continuous calculations of time and pay. Net earnings are instantly recalculated every time an employee clocks in or out, or when an employee record makes changes to HR, benefits, or time data.

Alleviate tight timelines

Work on payroll throughout the week, not just after the pay period closes. How? Dayforce combines payroll, time, benefits, and HR into a single platform to give a real-time view into payroll. Admins can better plan, manage, and make adjustments to payroll on their own schedules.

Compliance simplified

Easily address complex payroll calculations. Dayforce uses a robust, rules-based policy engine to help you meet federal and provincial compliance requirements. Administrators can use automation to help them manage compliance.

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Streamlining your payroll processes has never been simpler.



Transform your international operations with a single view into your global payroll.

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