HCM in the palm of your hand

Let your people manage their work life from anywhere, at any time, on the device of their choice

Get time back in your day

People managers can save time, reduce paperwork, and address employee requests quickly.

Pick up where you left off

Complete tasks across multiple devices. Start a task from your desktop and finish it from your mobile device.

Empower your employees

Make HR and schedule requests through voice and chat commands to conveniently manage work life activities.

Manage time away

From checking balances to submitting time off, employees can manage their time away from work, directly from their device. And managers can review requests and add comments, making the process faster and easier.

View schedules

Schedules can change daily so it's important for employees to know when they're working next. Give employees complete visibility into their schedules so they can access the latest updates made by managers. Employees receive a message any time their schedules change, and they can also view their team's schedules. 

Respond quickly

Managers can complete tasks on-the-go without needing a computer. They can respond to employee requests quickly, authorise timesheets, manage absenteeism, and complete other team-related tasks using the mobile app.