Dayforce Assistant

A new way of interacting with Dayforce

Dayforce Assistant enables employees to make HR and schedule requests through voice or chat commands

Organisations strive to provide a great employee experience at work but may overlook how this extends into their employees' personal life. With virtual employees and technology fueling the work-life blend, the employee experience no longer ends at work but continues at home. Dayforce Assistant enables employees to easily and conveniently manage their work-life activities anytime, anywhere with a simple voice or chat command.

Build a better work experience

Create a better employee experience for managing work-life to engage your people and drive business performance.

Minimise coverage gaps

Help employees conveniently manage their schedules to reduce unexplained absences and ensure you always have coverage.

Increase access and convenience

Make work life easier and more accessible for employees and managers through voice and chat technology.

Have intelligent conversations

Dayforce Assistant uses natural language processing to understand your requests and provide smart responses. Like the rest of Dayforce, Assistant adheres to your organisation's policies to make sure the information presented is in compliance with your organisation's rules. For example, Dayforce Assistant will not let an employee request more than their maximum vacation days.