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Unlock value with an always-on people platform

Cloud HCM software that helps people and organisations reach their full potential

We all need to work smarter and do more with less. Unlock value with Dayforce, an always-on people platform that’s built as a single system with powerful data at its core. Simplify global compliance, empower your people to reach their full potential, and make smarter decisions that create measurable value.

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Discover how Dayforce helps organisations win in our always-on, fast-changing world. Make every moment count with one HCM software platform that continuously calculates pay, delivers data, and connects your people, from anywhere in the world.

Stay ahead of the curve with workforce intelligence

Make better decisions to create real-value. Plan, hire, retain, and develop your workforce - from full-time employees to hourly and gig workers. Powerful, data-driven insights can help you see around corners and forecast the future.

Manage compliance everywhere to minimize risk

Simplify compliance in a borderless work world. Stay on top of complex payroll and tax rules across regions and jurisdictions, as well as internal policies and procedures. Dayforce helps minimize the risk – and cost – of non-compliance.

A complete solution that helps you transform every area of HCM

Continuous payroll

Pay people accurately, on time, and when they need it. Empower your payroll team to access and audit data continuously throughout the pay cycle.

Workforce management

Empower and engage your frontline workers while effectively managing labor costs and compliance. Make proactive, data-driven decisions that support agile operations.

Smarter benefits

Help employees choose the right plan, while streamlining administrative work. Maximize the value of benefits investments and better understand costs with the help of analytics.

Streamlined HR

Eliminate HR information silos with one centralized, real-time solution. Streamline administrative tasks, and access valuable HR analytics to improve HR efficiency.

Talent intelligence

Attract, engage, and retain top talent to help drive your competitive advantage. Empower your people to reach their full potential and build a winning culture and company.


Ceridian offers a wide range of services, including payroll tax filing, managed payroll, and more. Make the most of your Dayforce experience and focus on what you do best.

We deliver quantifiable value for our customers


99% fewer wage and tax report errors

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87% reduction in manager time spent scheduling

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99% employee retention through the pandemic

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