November 18, 2020

Four ways to win in talent management by embracing intelligent HCM technology

At Ceridian’s 2020 INSIGHTS virtual conference, HR leaders from The Hanover Insurance Group and Builders FirstSource discuss how they have continued to scale and succeed with talent using Dayforce.

Businesses are becoming more complex, and the rate of change is accelerating. This has never been truer than today with the global health crisis and the economic reality that we are all facing. When it comes to winning in this new environment, talent is top of mind for many.

On day one of Ceridian’s virtual INSIGHTS conference, Bill Bailey, VP of Human Resources at The Hanover Insurance Group, and John Foley, VP of Human Resources at Builders FirstSource spoke to attendees about how they are leveraging Dayforce as a modern, unified solution to better manage their talent, and how Ceridian has partnered with them over the years to grow their HCM capabilities in a meaningful way. Here are their four key takeaways.

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Embrace the value of a unified HCM solution

A consolidated system for people operations can not only help companies spend less time on transactional tasks and more time on strategy, but it can also present a broad spectrum of data and intelligence that companies can leverage to make smarter decisions.

John Foley, VP of HR at the largest provider of residential building materials in the U.S., Builders FirstSource, used to have a different mindset when it came to best practices for a company’s HCM systems. “Years ago, I was not a fan of [having everything in one solution]. I was always [focused on] best-in-breed,” he said. “There are some software companies out there...[when] you switch screens or go to different modules, it looks like ten different companies because they bought ten different companies and bolted [them] together. And that is not Dayforce. When Ceridian comes out with something, it is pretty darn good, and it works.”

Foley gave the example of implementing Performance and Compensation. He thought he’d need to give numerous training sessions for managers to understand how to use the system, however he was glad to discover that was not the case. “It’s so intuitive. All the modules look the same,” he said. “We have a $1.5 billion payroll, and over 95% of the people in year one [using Performance and Compensation in Dayforce] had their performance review done, and we processed all those tens of thousands of dollars in merit increases and everything came out perfect. It was a great new module to implement.”

Bill Bailey, VP of HR at The Hanover Insurance Group, which provides property and casualty insurance, has worked with the Ceridian team over the past three years to implement Dayforce for payroll, workforce management, recruiting, onboarding, compensation, performance, engagement, and most recently learning. When speaking about the value of a unified solution, he put it simply: “The sum is greater than the individual parts.” 

The Hanover is now leveraging Dayforce across its entire organisation and plans to continue to add in new modules as they are released.

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Meet technology expectations to improve the employee experience

To today’s workforce, technology is considered a necessity to create a collaborative, efficient, engaging work environment. Companies that lag behind in the technology they use and provide to their employees run the risk of low engagement and ultimately higher turnover.

“As we all know, employees have a digital expectation outside of work, and as they are coming into work, they are expecting that very similar experience,” said Bailey.

As Bailey mentioned previously, The Hanover recently took another step forward in offering its employees a better digital experience when it implemented Learning. “In today's day and age, there’s no shortage of content. The big challenge that we have is taking content that is meaningful and mapping it to our employees at the right time, in the right place,” he said.

“Dayforce’s Learning module has really allowed us to organise content in an extremely meaningful way to our employees.” – Bill Bailey, VP of HR, The Hanover Insurance Group

Foley talked about how implementing performance management functionality has augmented Builders’ review process. “There are new features that Millennials and Gen Z really like. Goal setting is very easy in [Dayforce]. They have a feature called ‘Conversations’ where it’s almost like a real-time chat between an employee and their leader on progress,” he said. “It’s really nice to have real-time access into your performance review, 365 days a year, rather than writing it the day before it’s due. It allows [for] better leadership.”

From a benefits perspective, Builders is currently in the process of completing its third year of open enrollment with Dayforce, and Foley spoke about how the system has helped to streamline the process for employees. “It’s so easy and intuitive to navigate, and there are enough checks and balances in there. It alerts you if you’ve made a mistake or clicked the wrong box. So that has been very easy,” he said. “It can handle the volume [of employees submitting] just fine, [in both] English and Spanish, [and] we’ve got informational videos that are attached to it. Whether [employees are] doing it on a desktop or a mobile app, it’s easy to navigate, and the icons are very clear and crisp; it’s just very easy to use.”

Enable people operations to scale efficiently with modern technology

Companies that want to win in the future of work need to be able to embrace rapid change and see it as an opportunity for growth as opposed to an obstacle.

Foley highlighted that Builders is currently in the process of acquiring a company that will boost the company’s revenue from $8 billion to $12 billion annually and nearly double its employee count to 30,000 people in 42 states at 550 different locations. Now, more than ever, the company needs a system that can scale its people operations efficiently to capitalise on the opportunity at hand. “We were big [before] buying this other company, but now we’re really big,” Foley said.

“In terms of our recruiting needs, it’s about scalability. We get about 250,000 applicants per year, so we need a system that can process that workload, and we certainly have it with Dayforce.” – John Foley, VP of HR, Builders FirstSource

And from Bailey’s perspective, The Hanover is leveraging the learning functionality in Dayforce to help its broader workforce adapt. “Our underwriters are really the underpinning of our business and what we do, but we utilise Learning for all the roles in our company,” he said. “[We focus on] career tracking and career paths. So, our folks managing others, what type of content can we curate in a learning path for that population? As well as groups that are leading broader functions. And, as you can imagine in our space, we have quite a few insurance certifications and designations, and this is a great way for us to track that and continue to build the internal capability of our teams. It’s very user friendly, and it has allowed us to adapt [it] to the different businesses we have underneath our overall umbrella at The Hanover.”

Bailey said that all the company’s 4,300 employees across the U.S. interact with Dayforce daily, demonstrating the scale and adoption that The Hanover has achieved with the solution.

To grow and evolve, find a trusted partner

Both Bailey and Foley emphasised the importance of finding a technology partner who will learn, adapt, and evolve to better meet their companies needs as they grow. A productive partnership, however, requires communication and discovery on both sides.

The Hanover has been a charter customer on a number of Ceridian’s newest products including the compensation and employee engagement modules, and Dayforce Hub, and has worked with the Ceridian team to identify areas for improvement and optimisation to better suit the company’s needs.

“Communication has been key. We spend a lot of time talking about our business strategy, where we’re going, what our appetite for change is, as well as getting a good understanding in terms of where Ceridian is going,” Bailey said. “It really has allowed us to build this partnership internally, with capabilities that quite honestly we’d never be able to build internally [on our own]. We look towards our Ceridian partners as an internal center of excellence (COE).”

Foley closed by saying that while Ceridian has various industries represented in its client base, the company is committed to understanding the nuances of each business to deliver value. “We’ve partnered with Ceridian extremely well… They are our number one partner with all the vendors we manage,” he said. “I’ve [also] been really impressed as I sit in on these [INSIGHTS] sessions and I see all the demos and the amount of executive ownership, how well they know the product, and how [much] they care about the customer.”

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Sarah Diotte

Sarah Diotte is a content marketing specialist at Ceridian, where she works with customers to tell their stories, and feature the partnerships and successes they have with Dayforce.

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