August 27, 2018

How to celebrate National Payroll Week at your organisation

Getting paid wouldn’t be possible without the people who make it happen. NPW is a great opportunity to celebrate your payroll professionals, and educate your employees about one of the most critical areas of your business. Here are some tips for planning your own NPW celebrations.

Getting paid wouldn’t be possible without the people who make it happen. National Payroll Week, which happens Sept. 3 to 7 in the U.K. this year, is a campaign that celebrates payroll professionals, highlighting the crucial role they play in the oversight and accurate, timely payment of workers. Employee happiness depends largely on the payroll professionals who keep processes smooth and efficient behind the scenes.

The campaign is also an opportunity to help workers better understand the payroll system, their compensation and benefits, and their payroll documents,, including how to make the most of their paycheques.

National Payroll Week is the perfect time to celebrate and recognize the value of your payroll professionals, and thank them for ensuring payroll runs like a well-oiled machine. It’s also a great opportunity to generate awareness and education about one of the most critical areas of your business.

Here are some suggestions for celebrating NPW at your organisation.

Spread the message

The first step to acknowledging or celebrating any event is to spread the word. Inform your employees ahead of time that National Payroll Week is coming up. Tell them what it’s about, get them excited for upcoming events, and share related links to encourage them to learn more. The more you share the message, the more people are likely to be involved and participate.

Give recognition and say thanks with your own campaign

Whether you go all out with posters and balloons, or do little gestures throughout the week, these actions can make your payroll team feel appreciated. Here are a few examples from past Ceridian NPW celebrations to help plan your own:

  • Decorate your payroll pros’ desks.
  • Create a desk drop with a treat and thank-you note.
  • Send out personalised thank-you notes from the leadership team.
  • There’s nothing like food to bring people together – organize a kick-off breakfast, a catered company lunch, or perhaps call in an ice cream truck.
  • Share fun facts about your payroll department or their photos so people get to know the faces behind their paycheques. Posting information on your company intranet or in your employee newsletter is a great way to reach your whole workforce and spread the message.

A good point from CFODaily is to consider a mix of department-wide and individual recognition: “Thinking about how each person enhances your department and what he or she would appreciate as far as recognition can make the praise go a long way.”

Educate and train

As mentioned above, National Payroll Week is a great time to build awareness of what the payroll team does. You can do this by creating opportunities for employees to ask your payroll pros their most pressing questions. Another suggestion, from CFO Daily News, is to focus on financial fitness. Show the value of payroll by sharing tools with employees that help them maximize their paycheques.

Recognizing your payroll employees should have a wider-reaching effect beyond just making those professionals happy. No matter their job, all employees should understand the effort needed and the importance of what the internal payroll team does for your organization. This is a great week to show your appreciation to payroll processors and all your employees who drive growth and success on a daily basis.

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Danielle Ng-See-Quan

Dani is the Senior Manager, Content Marketing at Ceridian.

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