Time & Attendance for Small Business

Achieve cost savings, productivity and efficiency with Dayforce Time & Attendance.

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Plan and forecast, align schedules and ensure accurate time tracking

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Time & Attendance provides essential Dayforce workforce management modules to small-mid size businesses which include:

Scheduling: Time & Attendance supports manual as well as rotation based scheduling.

With manual scheduling, Managers can create schedules for their employees by creating new shifts with desired start and end times. With rotation based scheduling, shift rotations are used to define a pattern of repeating shifts and days off that describe employees’ regular workweek.

Entitlements: Employers can be assured that entitlements costs are controlled – employees earn and use only the time they are entitled to, according to your policies. Employees are assured that entitlements policies are applied equitably, and they can see their balances anytime – including updates when timecard entries are made that affect balances. They can also see the impact of upcoming time off on their future balances.

What Time & Attendance Can Do for You


Employee System Access: Empower your employees with access to the following tasks: Availability, Messaging and Alerts, Schedules, Timecard, Webclock, Time Away from Work.

  • Integration of employee and Time & Attendance data with Ceridian HR/Payroll: As a payroll and Time & Attendance client, you benefit from instant calculations without the hassle of having to use complicated payroll calculators or format Excel spreadsheets. You can also maintain compliance with federal, state, local and company regulations with the extensive audit capabilities and automated workflows.

Time & Attendance allows you to:

  • Track employee time simply and accurately using easy-to-reconcile timecards, and automatically send that data to payroll so you don’t have to re-enter hours
  • Minimize overtime and premium pay costs with an intuitive weekly planning and scheduling tool that makes managing your workforce a breeze
  • Increase employee engagement and streamline workflows using mobile devices

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