Trusted Partner Comply Employer MandateThe Affordable Care Act’s highly complex Employer Mandate, goes into effect in 2015. Ceridian can be your trusted partner in determining, tracking, calculating and managing the large constellation of variables that affect compliance with Play or Pay.   

What Does it Take to Comply with the Employer Mandate?

Trusted Partner Comply Employer MandateIn this executive brief, you’ll find critical information to help your organization comply with the employer mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act. With human capital management technology and expertise, Ceridian can be your trusted partner for “Play or Pay.” Download this document for a:

  • Refresher course on definitions and developments on the employer mandate “Play or Pay” provision since the Affordable Care Act became law
  • Review of additional reporting requirements

You’ll also learn how Ceridian can give you the critical capabilities you need not only to collect and analyze employee hour data, but also track and maintain details on health coverage provided.

For help and guidance in how to comply with Play or Pay, turn to a trusted partner, Ceridian, for human capital management technology and expertise.