Compliance Trends Webcast June 2017Watch this recorded webcast for highlights of some of the top US regulatory and employer compliance trends affect HR and payroll compliance in 2017 and beyond.   

Top Compliance Issues Every Employer Should Know: June 2017 Update

Employer Compliance Trends June 2017Employers have seen an abundance of far-reaching changes in HR compliance as it pertains to recruiting, retaining and paying their employees. According to the 2016 APA members survey, the primary factor contributing to payroll-related compliance risk in many organizations is the lack of knowledge of regulatory guidelines and updates in changing legislation. hear from Ceridian subject matter experts as they highlight some of the top US regulatory trends and legislative changes that every employer should know to stay ahead of the compliance curve. Recorded in June 2017.

Watch this recorded webcast to learn:

  • The legislative changes and trends impacting Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Key compliance challenges facing HR and Payroll Executives
  • Practical tips to help improve payroll compliance within your organization
  • How SaaS HCM applications can help manage compliance today

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