Five Tips for Optimizing Payroll ProcessingGet on demand access to industry expert Mark Smith, Chief Research Officer of VentanaResearch to learn the five best practices for optimizing your organization’s payroll technology.   

Five Best Practices for Optimizing Payroll

5 Tops for Optimizing PayrollOver half (54%) of organizations indicate it is a priority to improve efficiency of payroll processes. Is your organization’s payroll technology fully optimized? Hear from Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer from Ventana Research and Jayson Saba, VP Market Research at Ceridian, as they present the five best practices for supercharging a company’s payroll processes. Mark also addresses the increasing challenge to maintain compliance with regulations, as well as how to apply analytics to get required information.

Attend this webcast to learn about:

  • How to unify payroll for human capital management efforts
  • Best practices to transform payroll into a very efficient process
  • Gaining the facts to build a business case for change 

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