See How Dayforce HCM Helps Blue Man GroupThe Blue Man Group’s shows are world famous and their iconic performers are instantly recognizable. With Dayforce HCM, their people, teams, and processes are now as visible to their management and leaders internally as their shows and performers are externally.   

Setting the Stage with Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group brings together creative people from a variety of backgrounds in a dynamic, ever-changing, and fun environment for a purpose beyond entertainment. Blue Man Group has found a way to perform human capital management functions in a way that keeps the creative process going and making the lives of the performers and crew a little bit easier. By implementing Dayforce HCM, a single application for all of their HCM, Blue Man Group got rid of the need to create schedules on one system and book and approve time off in another. It eliminated processes that were done on paper or over e-mail. Centralizing these functions in one application has simplified things for Blue Man Group tremendously so their people’s focus remains on inspiring the world and creating art.

Removing administrative obstacles with a simple, accessible human capital management system allows Blue Man Group to focus on creating and staging a great show.

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