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Université de Saint-Boniface stays true to itself with Dayforce

The francophone institution of higher learning ensures its staff has access to quality services in their language that save time and money.


The origins of Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) can be traced back to 1818, when a missionary named Father Joseph-Norbert Provencher arrived in what is now the Winnipeg area and taught Latin and philosophy to Métis students.

That small school became a college in 1853, and in 2011, a university. Today, it offers 15 programs to 1,500 French-speaking students from around the world. Western Canada’s first post-secondary institution, USB is a proud protector of the French language and culture.


The university has an HR team of two, so it was essential that they be able to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. However, the paper-based manual system they were using wasn’t conducive to meeting this goal.

Despite its relatively small workforce, the university deals with three bargaining units, as well as non-union employees. The inherent complexities of this environment, combined with legacy systems and procedures in a growing institution, continued to challenge the payroll function and staff. In addition, USB was struggling to secure an HCM system that provided excellent customer service, ideally in French.


USB had a demo with Dayforce HCM in the fall of 2015 and went live in January 2017. The university is using a number of modules, including Payroll, Time and Attendance, Workforce Management, and Recruiting,
and employees are actively engaging with the mobile application. USB also plans to look into Onboarding in the near future.


Access to the Time and Attendance module has made a marked difference for USB staff. Empowering the employees to track their vacation and sick days has significantly reduced the number of inquiries to the HR and payroll teams, and managers appreciate being able to field requests remotely, via the mobile app. Dispensing
with paper-based time sheets has saved money, reduced the impact on the environment and freed up a significant amount of time for all concerned. The biweekly alert reminding employees to input or approve hours has eliminated the need for labour-intensive follow-ups.

Although tools such as MyPath aren’t yet being used to their full capacity by staff, the live training is a boon for users at USB. Being able to gain expertise and confidence by working through issues in a test environment has been invaluable. The payroll team, in particular, has appreciated being able to play around with the Dayforce tool without having it affect their live data.

Having only migrated from a manual HR system in the past year and a half, USB staffers value Dayforce’s professional and present customer service. In addition, having access to tools, services and support in French facilitates and expedites tasks.

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