The optimal recruiting experience

What employers need to say, do, and offer to attract talent today

What really matters to today’s job candidate? To effectively compete for top talent in an increasingly tight job market with low unemployment rates, employers must continually up the ante to attract and retain the right people. But what are the best practices used by employers to create the optimal recruiting experience? And what motivates individuals to choose one organization over another?

To better understand the key drivers behind a successful recruitment strategy and experience, Ceridian recently partnered with Hanover Research to survey people who have been offered a new job in the last year, and answer these key questions:

  • What will motivate a candidate to say “yes” to a new role?
  • How important is culture when employees are looking for their next employer?
  • What is the ideal recruitment experience?
  • What tools and resources do candidates use to research the market?
  • What makes candidates turn down an offer?
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