Supporting the public sector workforce with technology – today and beyond

As public sector leaders began issuing emergency orders for non-essential employees to work from home, one thing became clear: Public sector organizations need to accelerate their digital transformation for the digital age to remain productive and able to efficiently serve citizens. Government leaders will not only need to deliver on the needs of citizens, but also ensure their own employees are set up for success – today and in the future.

In this webinar brought to you by Ceridian and the Government Technology and the Institute of Public Administration in Canada (IPAC), you'll hear from Nancy Bartlett and John Knubley, two senior Public Sector leaders. They discuss the technological trends that are having a significant impact on public sector operations, and how those trends are impacting the public sector workforce.

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  • The top four technology trends impacting government operations
  • The top three workforce challenges public sector agencies are currently facing
  • How leaders can pivot during times of crisis and beyond to support employees and efficiently serve citizens
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