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Single HCM System: Your Talent Superpower in the New World of Work

In today's fast-changing world of work, there's no time for fragmented employee data, endless administrative processes, and multiple talent solutions that don't communicate with each other.

Join Ceridian's HR industry expert Matt Burns and Talent Intelligence, John Dawson as they discuss how to leverage a Single HCM system to recruit, retain, and reskill top-performing talent in today's challenging labor climate.

You'll also hear from Carli Meyer, Executive Vice President of Consulting at iBTR and HCM industry expert on the main challenges her clients are facing today and her recommendations to solve them.

Watch now to hear about:

  • The state of HR and Talent and how to solve the challenges organizations face today
  • What Talent Intelligence is and how to make it your recruiting and retention superpower
  • How leveraging a single system improves time-to-fill, new hire retention, and productivity
  • Next steps for improving the talent metrics you care about in your business
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