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Shore Hotel delivers 24/7, five-star service

Thanks to Dayforce HCM, this boutique hotel in Santa Monica is able to manage staff around the clock.

A boutique hotel located within walking distance of the Santa Monica Pier and with unobstructed ocean views of one of the world’s top ten beaches, Shore Hotel has a long-held tradition of accommodating all of its guests’ and employees’ needs.

24-hour service means 24-hour staff

To provide guests with the best service, Shore Hotel has 200 employees, and maintains a full complement of staff at all hours of the day. Scheduling can become complicated for supervisors. Accommodating staff members’ availability and time-off requests while aligning them with the hotel’s needs for multiple front desk clerks, housekeepers and service staff is a constant juggling act.

“One of the things that would keep me up at night would be scheduling,” says Aaron Peaslee, Director of Guest Services. “Do I have the right staff on tomorrow? Do I have the right people coming in at the right time? In a business like mine, the hotel is open 24 hours. I need people all the time. But if a part-time employee is only available a couple days, I don’t always remember that.”

Despite the long hours worked by many of its staff members, Shore Hotel recognizes the importance of company culture, and employees will readily share that they feel the difference.

“The care that we receive from our owners makes Shore Hotel different from other places I’ve worked,” says Khristan Psalms, Training and Development Manager. “They care about the happiness of the employees. They care that we have the skills that we need and that we have all the tools to be as successful as possible in our roles.”

Finding a transformative solution

Before Shore Hotel adopted Dayforce HCM, hotel managers spent a great deal of time processing and tracking paperwork for all levels of documentation, for instance, Personal Action Forms (PAFs) for merit increases, rate changes, promotions, transfers, terminations, personal data changes, new hires, and time-off requests.

In addition, each department had to create their own schedules and juggle various workbooks to calculate and manage labor budgets. Departments also used binders to track their team’s time-off requests, and had to cross-reference against schedules maintained and updated by team members when they arrived at work.

“Our human resources generalist was responsible for updating all team member changes/information in the system,” says Psalms. “When team members wanted to make changes to their personal information – including address information, direct deposit, W-2, dependent/beneficiary, emergency contact details – they would need to submit manual forms to HR.

“Our payroll administrator also spent a great deal of time ensuring our team members’ timesheets were compliant. This involved going through every timesheet to ensure that team members were approving their time edits as well as ensuring that any meal break penalties were properly paid in accordance with California laws and regulations.”

Shore Hotel first began using Dayforce HCM in the fall of 2016. Since that time the solution has completely transformed the way staff complete time-sensitive HR tasks by making those responsibilities easy and paperless.

“We chose Dayforce because we recognized that the system had the ability to improve our payroll processing, assist our leaders with labor control and provide our team members with access and resources to support their life management needs,” says Khristan Psalms. “We were impressed with the user-friendliness of the Dayforce system, especially as it related to our team members who have limited computer experience. Dayforce presented us with solutions to daily challenges, including the manual processing and tracking of forms, documents and schedules facing our finance, human resources and operations teams.”

“Because of Dayforce our employees are able to check their schedules from home, or when they’re out on vacation and they can’t come into the office to see if they’re scheduled to work next week. They’re able to put in a personal time-off request through the Dayforce app without having to complete paperwork or having to meet with their boss, and they can send one another messages. Dayforce HCM has been great for our managers and it’s been fantastic for our employees.”

From tech-free to techy

Dayforce has made the completion of company forms a paperless task, making the hotel’s employees’ work days much more enjoyable, while aligning with the hotel’s green principles and ideals.

“We really made a full transition in eliminating all of the paperwork. Being able to change that process and to facilitate that process for our managers has allowed them to focus on their employees and the operation. We are LEED-certified, so we are very mindful about reducing our environmental footprint. In addition to improving our employees’ everyday lives, Dayforce allows us to be even more eco-conscious,” says Laura Martinez, Director of HR.

Aaron Peaslee was impressed with how much Dayforce simplified his workload and by everything the app can do. “I love Dayforce just as much as every new technology that is out there. It’s a lot better than the system we used before. It’s easier to see the information and filter things down. I love the accessibility of it. Being able to get to Dayforce on my phone or from any computer and basically know what’s going on for the week is great.”

Going from a paper-based system to paperless was a slight risk, especially since not all of Shore Hotel’s employees are tech-savvy. However, the risk paid off in spades. “Not only are existing team members who are familiar with technology wanting more of the app, but our employees who don’t really use technology are using the Dayforce application on their phones, even if they have their family helping to navigate. It has sparked an interest among our staff to expand and reach out beyond their comfort level. They might not be experienced or comfortable with using technology, but now, they’re interested and excited about it,” says Psalms.

“Dayforce is so easy to use. If a staff member has a smartphone, knows how to use Facebook, and has a finger, that person can easily access anything they need with Dayforce,” explains Martinez.

Going beyond payroll

Delivering five-star quality service in a hotel means having the best employees, and enough of them to be able to complete each task without feeling overwhelmed. Like Shore Hotel, Dayforce offers a diverse set of capabilities.

“When I realize that Dayforce is not only a payroll system but a new hiring system and an employee record keeping and attendance system, it was amazing,” says Peaslee.

“Dayforce is making it easier for employees to put in scheduling requests, and easier for our managers to approve time cards. It has made a huge difference with our payroll. We have also decreased the amount of paperwork that was getting passed around through different managers and department heads, and between different departments,” says Psalms.

“I think what excites me about the future of Shore Hotel is continuing to evolve our operation and change it from paper format and have it be a green process,” says Martinez.

With the help of Dayforce, Shore Hotel is staying true to its culture of constant learning, of providing its staff with a family environment, of being eco-conscious, and of delivering the utmost in customer service to guests 24/7. It is also positioning the hotel, its management and employees to build on that culture and prepare for the growth that lies ahead.

“The technology with Dayforce prepares us for the future in so many ways,” says Psalms. “It allows us a great opportunity for recruitment, for onboarding, and for managing every step throughout the employee’s experience. So as our owners start looking at how we will grow as a company, how we’ll expand the number of people within our properties, or attract more business, we have a tool that will grow with us and that we can grow with. Every time there’s a new release of Dayforce HCM, the application puts us one step further ahead of the game.”

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