Rethinking employee engagement: How to engage your modern workforce

While business leaders continue to cite employee engagement as a priority, many organizations struggle with how to do it well.


The engagement disconnect

While organizations today invest a lot of money in engagement initiatives, from implementing them to measuring and tracking success, engagement scores remain flat (a Gallup report proclaims a “worldwide employee engagement crisis”).

Despite employers’ awareness that old methods miss the mark, and that they need to harness and unleash creativity and innovation from within their organizations, research shows they’re still not connecting the dots of engagement as part of the greater employee experience.

A mindset shift about engagement

To weave engagement into the fabric of the employee experience, employers need to look beyond point-in-time solutions that don’t provide actionable results or an on-going pulse on engagement. Employers need to activate it and truly elevate it with methods that result in long-term motivation, innovation and enthusiasm. This requires a fundamental mindset shift about engagement, to include the following:

  • Engagement is not the endgame
  • Engagement is ongoing
  • Engagement is not one-size-fits-all


The five keys

Here are five keys to ongoing employee engagement, which should be integrated throughout the employee experience.

  1. Recognize and reward your people
  2. Let culture drive and reinforce communication
  3. Provide learning and development opportunities
  4. Get leadership on board and make them accountable
  5. Simplify the world of work


Highlights: Why the five keys are critical to on-going engagement


Bring engagement and experience together

Engagement isn’t an outcome to work towards – it’s a tool to get results. The future success of the workplace depends on companies building new systems that improve the employee experience.


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