Outsmarting change: How retail winners succeed in disruptive times

Invest in the retail workforce to thrive in a fast-changing, uncertain world


The past year has triggered tremendous changes in how we live, work, and do business. Retailers, in particular, faced challenges that required them to be exceptionally agile, yet some have continued to thrive in spite of it all.

To better understand what has helped some organizations successfully navigate uncertainty, Ceridian partnered with Retail Systems Research (RSR) to conduct a survey of more than 100 retail executives from around the world.


Download this report and learn:

  • The barriers many retailers face to implementing change
  • Strategies retailers can adapt to help overcome these challenges
  • The specific characteristics of “retail winners” (those with better than average growth in 2020)
  • Why a state-of-the-art workforce management technology is critical for effectively implementing change
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