HCM Technology Value Matrix 2017

Nucleus Research

In its 2017 Technology Value Matrix for Human Capital Management (HCM), Nucleus Research places Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM application strongly in the Leadership quadrant ahead of all vendors in BOTH Usability and Functionality, for the second consecutive year.  Nucleus declares “Ceridian has placed as the leading Leader” and that Dayforce is a great fit for companies of all sizes. “Nucleus has closely watched Dayforce evolve from its beginnings, as a solution focused on payroll and the rest of WFM, to become a full suite for all of HCM just five years post-acquisition by Ceridian. As the vendor moves Dayforce upmarket to compete with the likes of Oracle and Workday, Nucleus sees Ceridian as a brand that employers must consider.”

Nucleus Research also notes that in Dayforce, “compared to the competition, this is the most HCM functionality found on a single application.”

Once again the analysis validates “the key differentiating factor of Dayforce technology has been its architecture: a single rules engine governing a single application producing a single dataset. This architecture makes the definition of real-time processing of information possible. This architecture has long set Dayforce apart from the competition and supports reporting, which is part-and-parcel to the system.”

Read the entire analysis of the Human Capital Management landscape from Nucleus for more information about how Ceridian and Dayforce HCM lead the technology value matrix in 2017.

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