HCM Technology Value Matrix

Nucleus Research names Ceridian a Leader

In the 2018 Technology Value Matrix for Human Capital Management (HCM) by Nucleus Research, Ceridian has been named a Leader for the sixth consecutive year, with a strong position in both usability and functionality.

Nucleus Research’s 2018 trend analysis shows that cloud-based technology will be the centerpiece of HCM moving forward. Increasingly, companies are turning to single suite applications as integration becomes a greater business driver. “Organizations need to be able to share and use data in real-time across departments, which remains much easier to do on a single suite.” Once again, the analysis validates the key differentiating factor of Dayforce is its architecture: a single HCM cloud suite featuring a single rules engine, governing a single application, producing a single dataset. Ceridian “is able to leverage this insight to aid in everything from initial deployment to predictive employee succession planning. This architecture makes real-time processing of information possible.”

Read the analysis of the human capital management landscape from Nucleus for more information about how Ceridian and Dayforce lead the technology value matrix in 2018.

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