Nucleus Research analysis: Ceridian delivers ROI for retail

Nucleus Research says Ceridian delivers quantifiable ROI to retail organizations

A 2020 analysis from Nucleus Research finds that Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM solution delivers quantifiable ROI to retail organizations.

As stated in the report, for which Nucleus annualized three different Dayforce retail deployments across mid-market and enterprise, one retailer was able to achieve an ROI of more than 1,000%, and a payback period of less than two months. Another saves 200,000 work hours a year using self-service processes and instant access to employee information across all store locations.

Fundamental shifts in the world of work mean that organizations must transform their operational processes to meet the needs of the changing workforce. Human capital management solutions allow organizations to increase their overall productivity, while also helping to reduce their overall labor cost.

The Nucleus Research analysis further dives into the benefits of Dayforce for retailers to achieve this, including scheduling optimization, increased payroll productivity globally, increased productivity, and reduced administration costs.

Read the analysis to learn more about how Dayforce delivers quantifiable value to retail organizations.

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