Click to read Ceridian's article on how to campaign for an HR solution. Are you ready to advocate for new technology? There is a lot that HR professionals can learn from candidates about how to successfully advocate for change – especially a change in HR technology. Discover 5 ways to tap into your inner politician and successfully campaign for a new HCM solution.  

5 Secrets of Campaigning for New HCM Technology

  Tap into your inner politician with 5 ways to make the case for HCM technology.

It’s hard to go anywhere right now without being inundated with political chatter. Political ads, election coverage and debates are prevalent as the country prepares to choose its next leaders.

While the election season can make you want to disconnect from the media, don’t go dark just yet. There is a lot that HR professionals can learn from candidates about how to successfully advocate for change – especially a change in HR technology.

Lessons from the campaign trail: Mastering the art of persuasion

What does it take to effectively advocate for change? In the world of politics, those running for office must be articulate, tenacious and forward-thinking. Not surprisingly, HR professionals looking to convince senior management of the value of an HCM investment can also benefit from harnessing tactics used in elections. Read on for 5 ways to tap into your inner politician and campaign for new HCM technology.  

5 tips for making the case for HCM technology

  1. Fundraise
    One of the first steps of any political campaign is raising funds for the election activities. Similarly, your quest for a technology investment should begin with a budget assessment. Calculate not only the cost of the new system but also approximately how much the technology will save the company through reductions in time and resources required for everyday tasks. You should know these numbers well and be able to have both high-level and detailed conversations about the budget required for a technology investment.

  2. Create a stump speech
    Political candidates use stump speeches to ensure that they communicate a standard campaign message everywhere they go. You, too, should develop a “case” for why the organization needs the new HR technology, the problems the solution will solve and how the organization will benefit. Use these key points as the foundation for your conversations with various stakeholders.

  3. Gather supporters
    As you develop the case for a new HCM technology, identify those outside HR who support the technology upgrade. The backing of IT, in particular, will help you demonstrate the validity and positive impact of the investment. These supporters can also help you address any objections you may encounter during your campaign process. The “endorsement” of your technology team and other departments will be key in helping you rally the additional support your need.

  4. Lobby “special interest” groups
    Those running for election understand how to tap into the power and influence of special interest groups. Who are the stakeholders that will influence the technology investment decision? Meet separately with each person or department to discuss: their current HR pain points, how the new solution will address these issues, and specific KPIs the technology will influence.

  5. Personalize your message
    The best candidates customize their speeches to discuss the issues most important to the audience. In the same way, your campaign should outline how the new solution will address the HR issues important to each decision maker. Offer real life examples of the ways the technology will improve performance and the bottom line.

Do you feel ready to tap into your inner politician? By harnessing the tactics used on the campaign trail, you can successfully advocate for an investment in new HCM technology. Your successful campaign may not earn you a seat in the White House, but it will help distinguish you, your department and the organization as best-in-class.