Click to read Ceridian's article on how to create a customized strategy that fits your organization “just right.”At times, finding the right HR strategy may leave you feeling like Goldilocks: always searching for a solution that feels “just right” but falling just a little bit short. Overcome the one-sized-fits-all approach to HR with tips on creating a customized strategy that fits your organization “just right.”      


The “Just Right” HR Strategy: A Quick Guide


Whether your organization is big, small or something in between, successfully juggling the complexities of HR is never easy. At times, finding the right HR strategy may leave you feeling like Goldilocks: always searching for a solution that feels “just right” but falling just a little bit short. What is the best way to engage employees while tackling logistical challenges and maintaining compliance? Like most things in business, there isn’t one right answer.

“When it comes to HR strategy, size doesn’t matter. An organization with 100 employees can be just as complex as a 5,000 employee enterprise,” said Jayson Saba, vice president of market strategy at Ceridian. “When companies seek to transform their people strategies beyond tactical administration, it is paramount that they partner with an innovative provider with credibility in both technology and service.  Dayforce HCM can alleviate the administrative burden and minimize compliance risk so that businesses can align their talent strategy to their business goals.”

The key to success is partnering with a provider that is innovative and technological.

Tips for finding HR solutions that work

Are you ready to find the talent approach that feel “just right” for your organization? Read on for tips on how to use your organization’s size as a differentiator that can help you create a HR strategy that sets you apart from your competitors.

Recruiting: Attracting Talent

On average, U.S. companies spend $4,000 to fill an open position – Bersin by Deloitte
Small Business Tips
  • Resist the urge to fill open positions quickly and take time to seek out your ideal candidate.
  • Use less mainstream recruiting avenues like networking to offer a more personalized hiring process.
  • Tap into the power of employee referrals, which often bring in top performers who seamlessly integrate into the organization.
Large Business Tips
  • Use several avenues – including social media, online sites and career fairs – to promote open positions.
  • Showcase your culture by featuring pictures and testimonials in recruitment materials.
  • Use interview guides, skills tests and personality assessments to help ensure consistency candidate selection.

Career Management: Keeping Talent

More than 2 out of 3 Millennials believe it’s management responsibility to find them development opportunities – Bersin by Deloitte

Small Business Tips
  • If you have limited advancement opportunities, foster growth through additional responsibilities, leadership opportunities and special projects.
  • Empower employees to learn new skills by temporarily working in other departments.
  • Capitalize on your smaller size and develop individualized career development opportunities. 
Large Business Tips
  • Offer career pathing resources that outline traditional advancement, along with growth opportunities available through training and leadership programs.
  • To provide employees personalized guidance, train managers on how to have two-way career conversations focused on current growth, career aspirations and steps for advancement.

Employee Engagement: Captivating Talent

Companies with employee engagement programs have a 26% greater annual increase in revenue Aberdeen

Small Business Tips
  • Solicit employee feedback both informally and formally. Be sure to provide avenues for anonymous responses.
  • Be mindful of how large workloads and minimal advancement opportunities at your small business can impact engagement.
  • Address triggers of disengagement quickly by recognizing employee contributions and sacrifices.
Large Business Tips
  • Help employees feel more connected to the organization by regularly soliciting and acting on employee feedback and ensuring leaders are honest and transparent.
  • Be sure to reward top employees and help all workers see how their accomplishments contribute to the organization’s strategic initiatives.

Compliance: Satisfying Talent Requirements

78% of CEOs are concerned with regulations’ potential impact on company strategies – PWC

Small Business Tips
  • Ensure you are familiar with regulations – like the ACA – that have expanded to include provisions for small businesses.
  • Consider hiring an outside consultant to help you manage the complexities of HR rules and regulations.
  • Maximize the HR solutions, like Dayforce HCM, that can help you track employee data and minimize manual reporting.
Large Business Tips
  • Simplify your compliance efforts by streamlining your HR reporting and tracking.
  • Ensure you have processes, procedures and a human capital management solution, like Dayforce HCM, in place to help you manage your compliance requirements.
  • Consult compliance resources, like Ceridian’s HR Legislation blog, and outside experts to stay informed on new and upcoming regulations.


The most successful HR strategies are as unique as the organization’s employees. Whether your organization is big, small or something in between, it’s important to let your culture and its people guide your talent management strategy. This focus will distinguish your organization as a place that people seek out for employment.