Click to read Ceridian's article on moving to the cloud.In the world of HR, few advancements have received as much hype as the development of cloud technology. While exciting, moving to the cloud can be daunting. Discover how to overcome the top 7 fears of making the switch.   


Nervous About Moving to the Cloud? You’re Not Alone

In the world of HR, few advancements have received as much hype as the development of cloud technology. Industry experts laud the benefits of cloud solutions, citing ease of use, timely updates and better integration.

Discover 7 tips for simplifying the switch to the cloud.




But what about the challenges of switching to this new technology? If your company hasn’t yet moved to a cloud-based HR solution, you may feel overwhelmed by the logistics of moving. In fact, you’re likely feeling hesitant and nervous about the switch. But a close examination of the common fears of moving to the cloud reveals that the benefits of this new technology outweigh the challenges.

7 Fears Preventing You from Moving to the Cloud

Fear #1: My budget is too small to invest in cloud technology.
The assumption that cloud technology is expensive is very common. Thankfully, it’s not true. Unlike traditional licensed HCM systems, cloud technology offers consistent, pay-as-you-go fees that are manageable for the majority of HR budgets. Organizations also save money by avoiding common on-premise expenses like system upgrades, server maintenance and IT support.

Fear #2: Cloud technology security isn’t strong enough to prevent data breaches.
Confidently storing your HR data off-site requires complete trust in your HCM vendor. Perform due diligence to ensure that your provider has processes and contingency plans in place to ensure that your data is protected from system failures, natural disasters and unauthorized viewing.

Simplify the Move to the Cloud

While exciting, moving to the cloud can be daunting. Ceridian’s videos provide insight into the practical benefits of cloud technology.

Watch our video for insights into the benefits of cloud technology.

Watch our video for insights into the benefits of cloud technology.














Fear #3: Housing data in the cloud will take away my control.
Lack of proximity to your data does not indicate lack of control. Cloud solutions use job classifications and administrative settings to restrict who can see and manipulate HR’s sensitive information. Additionally, back-end processes ensure that you can quickly turn on and revoke data access.

Fear #4: My company can’t function without a customized HR solution.
Customizations in on-premise solutions are often necessary due to inefficient systems and HR processes. While cloud software limits customizations, it also delivers a more streamlined solution. This technology enables employees of all levels to conveniently access data from anywhere and use this information to tackle problems before they happen.

Fear #5: I don’t know how to effectively evaluate HR cloud vendors.
Simplify the process of evaluating cloud vendors by first defining your human capital management challenges and goals. Verify that the cloud solution can address these concerns and includes must-have features such as Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, single source of truth and analytics. Also, be sure to consider how the software will fit into your corporate culture and the technology infrastructure currently in place.

Fear #6: Moving to the cloud requires too much time and energy.
The process of moving to the cloud should not be taken lightly, as it takes a lot of time and effort to fully switch over. Take time before implementation to evaluate your HR processes, the quality of your data and current business priorities. Proper planning and an effective partnership with your HCM vendor will minimize logistical challenges and ensure migration success.

Fear #7: Employees will hate using the new cloud technology.
Overcome employee resistance to the new technology by explaining the reasoning behind the decision to switch. Emphasize how cloud software will make employees’ jobs easier and help the business tackle its challenges. Also, boost employee confidence in the software by offering training focused on how to use the new system’s features.

“Switching to the cloud is a big decision, and it’s natural for organizations to feel some anxiety about the transition. But careful planning, research and evaluation are the keys to overcoming fears of moving to the cloud. In fact, the organizations that have the most success with the new technology are the ones that have carefully evaluated all aspects of the solution – from implementation to process integration to employee adoption,” said Kevin Thompson, vice president of professional services at Ceridian.

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