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When we think of teams, we often think of intra-departmental teams and other close-knit work groups from within the same company. But what about the way you team up with your customers? Read these 5 tips to transform the way you team up with your customers and deliver success.  

Top Tips for Teaming up with your Customers

Top Tips for Teaming up with your Customers

When we think of teams, we often think of intra-departmental teams and other close-knit work groups from within the same company. But what about the way you team up with your customers? In the business-to-customer relationship, a natural kind of teamwork generally does form, yet it may not be as fluid and seamless as working with someone from within the same organization.

Carlos Gonzalez, vice president Customer Success Operations at Ceridian, says, “Teaming up with your customers is one of the best ways you can ensure both parties succeed, and it is a critical relationship to nurture throughout the course of your partnership, not just when trying to make a sale.”

Effective teams, regardless of their makeup, are willing to take risks, have tough conversations, sometimes fail and always collaborate. Keep these 5 tips in mind as you team up to deliver success with your customers:

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1)      Set clear expectations and direction early on – The key to any team success is developing a common purpose that unites everyone. When working with customers, establish clear goals from the get-go to ensure that everyone understands the mission you’re working towards together. Set short- and long-term goals and frequently check in on your progress. 

2)      Identify individual strengths – Understand each member’s role on the team and how they will best be able to contribute to reaching the goals established at the onset. In business-to-customer partnerships, sometimes the roles are more clearly defined, but don’t be afraid to break the mold and challenge assumptions about a process or way of doing things. 

3)      Openly provide feedback to each other – Close, successful teams embrace feedback and frequently share their thoughts about what’s working well and what needs improvement. Open communication helps keep the team on target with their goals and minimizes potential conflict that could thwart progress. 

While business-to-customer partnerships may at times feel adversarial or one-sided because of the implicit feeling of power that comes with a potential loss of sale, it’s important to go back to the goals established early on to level-set. 

4)      Create a forum for connecting with customers – Being part of a team means you also have to keep in mind how your smaller group is connecting with others on a larger scale. The opportunity to connect with peers outside of the team can be beneficial to a team’s individual success as well. 

For example, Ceridian has enhanced the customer relationship experience by creating a portal where customers can connect with other industry peers to share best practices and gain insight into how others have reached similar goals. 

“Our customer success program’s XOXO Hub, has been a useful forum for our customers to team up with their peers, attend educational events and training sessions, and gain access to other professional development opportunities,” says Gonzalez.

5)      Acknowledge, reward and celebrate successes – Celebrating big and small successes along the way can do a lot for building morale, establishing trust and fostering future success. Ceridian XOXO customers are able to earn points that they can redeem for rewards, services and events, which is another fun way to celebrate.

If done well, teaming up with your customers can extend beyond just your immediate partnership needs. It can also create a positive ripple effect for both businesses in the sense that you’re creating advocates for each other – and that takes team success to a whole new level.

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