Click to read Ceridian's article on winning the war for talent.Do top performers seek you out? To better understand the role culture plays in attracting and retaining talent, Ceridian recently conducted its Pulse of Talent survey. We investigate the role culture plays in attracting talent and how companies can improve their culture.    


The Secret of Winning the War for Talent

Consider this: 70 percent of Gen Y employees and 50 percent of Gen X employees plan to spend fewer than five years in their current roles - Ceridian Pulse of Talent report

Instead of spending 15 or 20 years with one company, workers are constantly looking to take their talent to the most attractive organization. Is your organization one of these sought after companies? With the right culture, it can be.

To better understand the role culture plays in attracting and retaining talent, Ceridian recently conducted its 2016 Pulse of Talent survey to more than 1,000 Canadian and American workers. Not surprisingly, the survey found that one in three North American companies believe their corporate culture needs improvement.

“Too many companies underestimate the power of culture. Whether good or bad, your culture is what sets your organization apart from the rest. Today’s employees expect more from their employers, but they are also willing to give more. Creating a strong culture not only attracts top talent but leads to higher levels of engagement and performance,” said Lisa Sterling, Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer at Ceridian.

Wooing talent with your culture

In a survey conducted by Bersin by Deloitte, 82 percent of HR and business leaders reported that they believe that culture is a competitive advantage. Ceridian’s Pulse of Talent report investigated this trend and examined how organizations can win the war for talent with a strong culture.

Driving culture with learning & recognition

56% of workers rank leadership development programs as a top driver of culture.





Employees gravitate toward companies that will invest in them as an employee and as an individual. In its research, Ceridian found that 63 percent of workers rank training programs as one of the top drivers of culture. Top performers seek – and expect – employers to offer formal development and learning, continuous promotion opportunities and advance career management tools. Companies that don’t offer these opportunities for growth risk losing top talent to competitors.

Employees rank recognition programs as the second most important component of a strong culture. Despite this feedback, only 50 percent of survey respondents reported having access to recognition programs. Successful rewards programs are integrated into the culture and offer customized recognition that resonates with today’s diverse employees.

Driving culture by equipping employees

40% of companies provide employees a work smartphone




As the lines between work and life blur, employees seek flexibility to work where and when they want. This expectation is reflected in the value North Americans place on paid benefits. More than 70 percent of North Americans believe that a paid form of benefits – including annual pay increases, paid sick leave, paid time off and flexible work schedules – are important to making work life better.

For employers, this statistic highlights the importance of offering flexible work arrangements and technology that enables employees to work anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, many organizations are falling short of employees’ technology expectations. The Pulse of Talent survey found that only 31 percent of companies allow social media use for work and 40 percent provide employees a work smartphone. Winning the war for talent requires policies and technologies that enhance employees’ work-life experience whether they are in the office or on the beach.

Driving culture through collaboration

56% of workers rank leadership development programs as a top driver of culture.




As organizations shift from traditional hierarchies to team-based structures, the demand for effective leaders is on the rise. The Pulse of Talent survey revealed that the most important dimension of culture in North America is collaboration and strong leadership. Working in tandem, these two elements create a responsive organizational culture that can effectively navigate the fast-paced nature of work. Leaders must exemplify the principles of transparency and agility as they help the organization overcome the challenges of today’s multi-generational workforce.

Winning the war for talent

Culture is the heart of every best-in-class organization. But great culture is nothing without great people. Top organizations must be committed to investing in employees on a professional and personal level. In the war for talent, great culture wins every time.

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