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Why You Need to Revamp Your Engagement Strategy in 2016

Employee engagement is one of the most difficult HR metrics to define, measure and master. Despite this, time and time again best-in-class organizations have proven the value of employee engagement. Regardless of their size, industry or location, these companies all have one thing in common: they transform employee engagement from an HR metric to a lived out philosophy.

Read our article for tips on how to create a best-in-class engagement strategy.In a recent interview with The CEO Show, Ceridian HCM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Ossip shared three insights into how organizations can successfully revamp their employee engagement strategic efforts. He emphasized the importance of building a culture of engagement, highlighting how strong employee engagement positively impacts profitability, customer experience and the company’s overall success.

Tackling triggers of disengagement

Many organizations mistakenly believe that fun work environments, good pay and unexpected perks are the keys to driving employee engagement. However, the most effective employee engagement strategies tackle the issues that most companies are inclined to ignore – the ones that make employees question why they stay with the company. These are the “triggers of disengagement” for your organization, and your engagement success hinges on addressing these issues.

“The most important element of an organization is its employee engagement. If you get the employee engagement equation correct, your customers’ experiences with your organization will radically improve as well. Creating a culture of engagement is essential to organizational productivity and success,” says David Ossip, Ceridian HCM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Key elements of the engagement formula

While no two companies will have the same employee engagement formula, three key elements are vital to strategic success. These components provide the framework for developing a strategy that not only addresses employee triggers of disengagement but also develops a culture that workers want to be part of.

Evaluating engagement levels

Ceridian in Action

Focused on developing a culture of innovation and growth, Ceridian has used its employee engagement surveys to guide this change. Ceridian conducts the survey two times a year and uses the results to identify five areas of improvement. Living out their value of transparency, Ceridian openly shares these triggers of disengagement with employees and uses town hall meetings to highlight how these issues are being addressed.







The first step to improving engagement is assessing employee morale, values and overall impressions of the company. Administer regular employee engagement surveys to gather feedback on what is working at your company and what can be improved. The survey will provide you valuable insight into whether employees’ perceptions, values and goals match those of the company. If there is a discrepancy between the two, the survey results can provide guidance on how to shift the organization’s culture.

Addressing triggers of disengagement

Ceridian in Action

Living out their brand promise of “Makes Work Life Better,” Ceridian strives to overcome the challenges of both work and everyday life. For employees, this means supporting them with better technology, training, career guidance and competitive pay – all of which were identified as triggers of disengagement in previous Ceridian engagement surveys. Ceridian’s efforts to address these issues have played an instrumental role in creating a customer focused culture that is rooted in integrity and sincerity.








Even the best engagement initiatives can be undermined by a lack of trust in the organization, negative co-workers or ineffective communication. Proactively head off disengagement by investing in solutions that address employee pain points. If employee feedback highlights inefficient scheduling processes, invest in technology that ensures scheduling accuracy and flexibility. If your managers lack insight to effectively manage their people, offer them a solution with data on turnover, top performers and the true cost of each worker. Regardless of the pain points identified, ensure that the solution you offer addresses the root cause of the employee disengagement.


Creating a culture of engagement

Ceridian in Action

When Ceridian unveiled its new brand promise of “Makes Work Life Better,” they also launched a new set of values that supported the new direction. The values of customer focus, transparency, diligence, optimism and agility help Ceridian communicate the principles that are most important to the organization. Most importantly, Ceridian made living out these values a top priority. Every day Ceridian challenges employees to use these values to guide their daily tasks, strategic decisions and interactions with others.








A strong corporate culture is the secret to truly making a positive impact on engagement. Without this foundation, your engagement programs and strategies will be superficial and short lived. To create lasting change, identify the values that will shape your culture. These principles should serve as guiding standards for your strategic decisions, corporate processes and employees’ behavior.

The second and most important step of changing your culture is ensuring that leaders of all levels live out your values. Seek leaders who are not only experts at their jobs but are also accessible, approachable and dedicated to bringing out the best in people. As leaders and employees begin to exemplify your corporate values, you’ll see a shift in your culture and the engagement of employees.

With the right commitment to employee engagement, you have the power to transform your organization. Happy, engaged employees create a positive experience for customers, and happy customers drive sales and profitability. Simply put: Employee engagement is an investment worth making. Are you ready to transform you corporate culture in 2016 and join the ranks of best-in-class organizations?

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