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On The Blog - August 2016


3 Ways to Reignite Performance Management Engagement

Employee engagement impacts every aspect of the business, including performance management. Nurture employees’ dedication to their jobs by clearly communicating what’s expected of them and helping them set challenging, yet attainable goals. Managers should also foster open communication through regular career development conversations.
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Tips for Identifying and Correcting Hiring Mistakes

Despite your greatest efforts, hiring mistakes will sometimes happen. If you identify that a new hire isn’t the right fit for their new role, address the issue within the first 30 days. Be sure to treat the employee with the utmost care and respect regardless of whether you are moving them to a different department or guiding them through the process of exiting the company.
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Escaping HR’s silos

Within HR, silos tend to naturally exist between various functions – recruiting, workforce management, payroll, benefits, etc. The challenge with these silos is that they make for HR to quickly and accurately answer questions and address business issues. With data an analytics, HR professionals can gain insight into how to identify and overcome the silos that may be holding their department back.
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Addressing the Problem of Unused Vacation Days

Research released by Project: Time Off found that 55 percent of Americans didn’t use all of their vacation time last year. Using vacation time is vital to preventing employee burnout and improving production and performance. Encourage employees to take advantage of their vacation time by: communicating the importance of taking time off, promoting a healthy work-life balance and encouraging leaders and managers to take time off.
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