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April News Briefs

Retain top talent by making the most out of exit interviews

It’s no secret that skilled employees help drive organizational success, so how can companies retain their top performers? Answer: exit interviews. In order to take full advantage of this process, companies need to collect, analyze, share and act on exit interview data. Read more at

Keeping the nation’s largest generation engaged at work

Millennials are not only the nation’s largest generation but are also the least engaged at work. HR needs to make significant changes to accommodate these young employees.  A thorough understanding of Millennials’ needs, behaviors and motivators will help improve their engagement, retention and productivity at work. Read more at

Encouraging a culture of innovation

How has Michelin achieved a 97 percent retention rate? Innovative events like the “Big Innov” project are part of a career-development method designed by the company to bring employees together from various areas of the business to provide input on company projects and issues. Through this program, Michelin employees can develop new skills and discover new professional avenues. Read more at

How HR can leverage technology

In order to maintain a seat at the executive table, HR departments must embrace technological advances to meet business requirements and expectations. Technology is vital to easier storage, better insight, greater transparency and cost savings. Cloud-based systems and Big Data can help HR digitize information gathering and tackle inefficiencies, security issues and data loss.