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October News Briefs

Preparing your to-do’s in response to DOL’s proposed overtime rule

While the Department of Labor (DOL) reviews comments on the proposed overtime rule, there are several action steps employers can be taking in the meantime. This includes identifying exempt jobs with salaries that fall below the proposed new salary threshold for exempt employees using $970 per week, or $50,440 per year. Read more in SHRM.

Tips for compliance and accommodation conversations

EAP questions View our animated infographic for 5 important questions to consider when evaluating EAPs.

Compliance regulations can often lead HR leaders and managers to be fearful of infractions, which can make it difficult to help employees who need accommodations. EBN recently published an article with four tips to help start employee discussions that will help them find solutions and stay in compliance. Read more at

Paid parental leave on the rise

Recent data suggests that, in general, paid parental leave policies are on the rise by about 12 percent year-over-year, according to a SHRM survey from March 2015. But why? There are many reasons, including seeing it as a retention benefit, the demand by millennials, and the increased interest and value placed on work-life balance. Read more USA Today and SHRM.

How do you hire? Gut or data-based decision making

When making hiring decisions, how much do you “trust your gut” versus turn to the data? At a recent Wharton People Analytics Conference, panelists from business and academia talked about some innovative new ways to apply data analytics to predict employee performance. Two researchers shared their takes on predictors of success, including finding meaningful work and displaying grit. Read more at HREOnline.