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June New Briefs

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Organizations push ACA recordkeeping compliance to the backburner

A recent poll of 480 employers has found that only 10 percent of organizations have implemented an in-house or outsourced solution to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s reporting requirements. Starting January 1, organizations were required to track employees’ and their dependents’ health coverage on monthly basis and will need to report this data on forms 1094 and 1095 early next year. Employers that don’t implement a solution soon to comply with these requirements will face a significant risk of reporting penalties and ACA excise taxes. Read more at the EBN Benefit News website.

Court ruling gives more 401(k) responsibility to employers

A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling reinforces employers' ongoing duty to ensure fees for 401(k) employee plans are reasonable and investments are prudent. This ruling is the latest in a series of cases that are reshaping the options that companies can offer employees for their 401(k) retirement accounts. Read more on the Washington Post website.

Glassdoor evaluates the impact of disengaged employees

What is the cost of a disengaged employee and how can employers help employees become more engaged? Glassdoor examines the issue of disengaged employees and how they impact morale, productivity and company culture. The career website provides tips on what organizations can do to address the issue of disengagement and help employees be happier and more productive at work. Read more at

Are remote employees more productive than traditional employees?

The rise in employees’ desire for flexibility in where they work has caused organizations to evaluate whether offering remote working options impacts overall productivity. As more companies embrace flexible work strategies, they are finding that employees are more productive, feel greater job satisfaction, and are more likely to stay with the organization. Read more at