News BriefsReview a summary of news, trends and industry information from trusted sources. From the January 2015 issue of CeridianVoice.   




January News Briefs

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HR Job Market Continues to Improve

SHRM reports that human resources professionals are more optimistic and confident about their job prospects. The Society for Human Resources Management’s annual HR Jobs Pulse Survey Report states that HR professionals feel confident they could land a new job in their field if needed. Read more at

Benefits Trends for 2015 and Beyond

The Affordable Care Act and rising benefits cost have put a focus on benefit strategies. In 2015, experts recommend that businesses focus on refining efforts related to wellness programs, micro networks, private insurance exchanges, forensic underwriting and cyber insurance. Read more at Employee Benefit News.

Investigating Woman at Work

Statistics show that women make up 47 percent of the workforce, but only 8.1 percent of top earners at corporations are women. Workforce’s monthly By the Numbers column investigates the role of women in the workforce, in the boardroom and as small business owners. Read more at Workforce.

Sleep Affects More than Just Productivity

New research has found that insufficient sleep can lead to ethical lapses. Employees who are sleep deprived are more likely to have less self-control and lower moral awareness, which can lead to unethical behaviors. This finding supports broader research that highlights the effect of sleep deprivation on employee productivity, safety and morale. Read more at Workforce.