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Nov/Dec News Briefs

7 Keys to a More
Engaged Workforce

Engaged Team

How would you rate your
workforce's level of engagement?
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Top Tips for Successful ACA Reporting

One of the biggest year-end challenges facing organizations is preparing for the 2016 ACA reporting requirements. Employee Benefit News outlines five actions employers can take now to help simplify and streamline their ACA reporting to-do. Top tips include: reviewing the requirements, creating a fulfillment team and effectively tracking health care data. Read more at

5 Ways to Prepare for New Overtime Rules

A robust HCM solution may be the key to simplifying the new compliance rules from the FLSA, says compliance expert Jim O’Connell. This technology will play a vital role in: identifying exempt and non-exempt employees, reclassifying employees, ensuring workers stay below 40 hours a week, optimizing labor planning and auditing job descriptions. Read more on Ceridian’s blog.

Department of Labor Announces State Retirement Savings Plans

This month the Labor Department issued guidelines to help states establish savings plans for private-sector employees who are not offered retirement benefits through their employees. Currently, about half of the states are developing these retirement plans, with the most robust plans relying on payroll deductions that are pooled and professionally managed. Read more on the New York Times website.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Wellness Programs

The secret to wellness program success may be looking at the program from employees’ perspective. Recent research from Towers Watson shows that while 77 percent of U.S. employers will increase their commitment to health over the next three years, only one third of employees said that wellness initiatives at work have led them to lead healthier lives. But with more advanced technology and personalized communication, organizations can have a more positive impact on employee health. Read more at

Preparing for 2016 and Beyond

As HR departments set goals for 2016 and beyond, much of the focus should be on equipping mangers to embrace change. The rise of remote work, big data, collaborative teamwork tools and organizations with little or no hierarchy is drastically changing the world of work. Managers are key to helping employees embrace this change. Read more at