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March News Briefs

Federal agencies release new resource guide focused on disabilities in the workplace

The While House recently announced the release of an online resource guide that provides new information on recruiting, hiring, retaining and promoting people with disabilities. The guide provides best practices focused on disabilities in the workplace as well as links to disability awareness and disability etiquette training programs.

Why are wellness programs falling short?

Despite an annual $6 billion being spent on wellness programs in the workplace, many initiatives are falling short. This is partly because there is a lack of awareness. A Gallup survey found that only 24 percent of employees with corporate wellness programs participate, largely because they don’t know about them. One reason wellness programs do not succeed is because the programs are not aligned with the company’s mainstream goals.

Understanding where HR stands on salary transparency

A recent survey of 100 HR professionals by global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas found that nearly 42 percent of respondents wanted to provide salary ranges for departments and positions. And 12.9 percent thought employees should know exactly how much everyone at the company earns. While such a radical change could create contention in the workforce, Challenger believes disclosing salaries is likely to produce a healthier business culture in the long run. Read more about the debate on HRE Online.

Setting the record straight on Millennial myths

The IBM Institute for Business Value recently released a report dispelling many of the workplace myths about the 21 to 34 year-old generation. Except for Millennials’ digital proficiency, when it comes to career goals, employee engagement, leadership styles and recognition, Millennials share many of the same values as attitudes as older generations. Read more about the report on SHRM.

The value of stay interviews for retaining top talent

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to retain employees and learn about what is motivating current employees, experts recommend conducting stay interviews. Learn the essentials of the stay interview on the SmartBlog on Leadership.